HiFocus – High Precision Plasma Cutting from 0.5 to 160 mm


Kjellberg is the longest established manufacturer of plasma cutting machines in the market and offers plasma and laser cutting products for a wide range of different cutting tasks. With these high-quality products made in Germany excellent results can be achieved for automated, mechanised or manual cutting. Kjellbergs subsidiary Kjellberg Cutting and Welding India Pvt. Ltd. in Pune takes care of all activities concerning sales and service in India since 2015.

The plasma cutting systems of the HiFocus neo series meet the highest demands in the cutting range between 0.5 and 160 mm. Due to the constriction of the plasma arc by means of a heavily rotating swirl gas, it is possible to achieve laser-like cuts with nearly dross-free and rectangular cut surfaces. Users benefit from diverse possible applications as well as low process costs due to high cutting and marking speeds: The plasma cutting units can be used in connection with all common CNC guiding systems, pipe cutting machines or robots, also for bevel cutting or underwater plasma cutting (from HiFocus 280i neo).

All HiFocus units (except for HiFocus 80i) use the patented Contour Cut technology for precise cutting of mild steel: finest contours, narrow webs and small holes with a diameter to material thickness ratio of 1:1 can be cut with excellent quality. For cutting larger contours, the further technological development Contour Cut Speed is used. With equivalent cut quality, the cutting speed is increased by 50 %. This improves the cutting performance, while the costs per cutting metre are reduced.

With the automatic and manual gas control units FlowControl and PGE, the optimum mixture of plasma gases is created for each cutting task. The automatic gas control unit FlowControl is equipped with its own database for the control of the gas quantities. Additionally to the parameters set in the factory, individual adjustments can be included.

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