Vision Vidyut’s cognititve leadership in power distribution solutions


Vision Vidyut Engineers are specialists in design and manufacturing of Compact Sub Stations of 11 kV / 22 kV and 33 kV as also Distribution Transformers of similar ratings. The company helmed by Jayawant Thorat, Chairman & Managing Director, has also introduced a very innovative IIoT based solution for Online Monitoring of Transformer vital parameters. An ISO 9001 certified company, Vision Vidyut is obsessed with quality and reliability. The company engaged in providing turnkey solutions to electrical customers, is currently working with most of the EPC majors and is associated with L&T, Lodha, Tata Power, Torrent Power and Railways for their recent projects, discovers POWERTECH REVIEW in an interview with Vaishali Thorat, Managing Director. Excerpts:

Q. You have been in the Power Distribution field for over a decade now. Would you like to enlighten us on your growth story?

Over the past decade, I’ve had the privilege of being part of the power distribution industry, and it has been an incredible journey of learning, challenges, and professional development.
Early in my career, I started as a junior executive in Sales domain dealing in Transformers in India and Abroad. However the rich experience gained at Federal Transformers ignited the hidden entrepreneur in me after gaining practical experience in the installation and maintenance of power distribution systems. I was exposed to the intricate workings of substations, transformers, circuit breakers, and other essential equipment that keeps the power grid functioning.

As time progressed, I was eager to enhance my knowledge and skills. I pursued higher education, certifications, and attended relevantworkshops, seminars and exhibitions. This allowed me to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry trends.

As my expertise grew, I decided to move back to India where I started providing Turnkey solutions to Electrical Customers. Finally I decided to establish our own Manufacturing facility for Transformers which was my childhood dream.

Vision Vidyut’s cognititve leadership in power distribution solutions

During my growth journey, I encountered numerous challenges, which taught me resilience and the ability to think critically under pressure.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed the power distribution industry evolve, embracing new technologies such as smart grids, renewable energy integration, and advanced monitoring systems. Keeping abreast of these changes has been crucial to remain relevant in the field.

Looking back, my growth story in the power distribution field has been a culmination of dedication, passion, and a willingness to embrace new challenges. I’m excited about the future of power distribution and the opportunities it holds for further growth and innovation in the industry.

Q. What does your product spectrum look like?

Currently we are specialists in design and manufacturing of Compact Sub Stations of 11 kV / 22 kV and 33 kV ratings and also Distribution Transformers of similar ratings. We have also introduced a very innovative IIoT based solution for Online Monitoring of Transformer vital parameters.

Q. What’s your competitive edge in manufacturing Package Substations?

Our PSS/ CSS is fully Type tested as per IEC 62271-202 including IEC-AB on complete assembled unit. This test ensures complete safety of equipment, operator as well as Public environment. In my opinion most of the available CSS/PSS in the market DO NOT comply with this basic requirement as it involves a great Technical Expertise apart from huge cost for the type test. This single feature is a standout for Vision Vidyut CSS and I appeal to the Buyer community to take a serious cognizance for implementation of the specifications in its true spirit for the sake of safety.
Apart from the above expertise and experience, Quality and Reliability, Customisation and Flexibility in design and Technological innovation are our competitive advantages in manufacturing of PSS/CSS.

Vision Vidyut’s cognititve leadership in power distribution solutions

Q. What are the smart solutions and innovations you have showcased in industrial Distribution transformers?

We are trying to make our Distribution Transformers an intelligent device which is capable of communicating its vital parameters like voltage, current, power, winding temperature, WTI/OTI/Buccholz relay status etc to a central computer station. It is also cabaple of generating alarms in case of any parameters exceeding the Min-Max levels thereby avoiding major asset failures. Our Ultimate aim is to provide the solution to the customers at ‘No extra cost’ of transformers.

Q. Please throw some light on your manufacturing facilities and quality benchmarks?

We have a state-of-the- art manufacturing facility at Shahpur, a suburb located around 50 kms from Thane. Our fabrication and powder coating facilityis located at Murbad. Our Quality management system complies to ISO 9001 standards. However we have installed fully automatic Transformer Test Benches and other state-of –the-art equipmet for Inprocess and Finished goods testing.

Vision Vidyut’s cognititve leadership in power distribution solutions

Q. As a leading electrical contractor, which are the major turnkey projects you have accomplished recently?

We are working with most of the major EPC Contractors and are associated with L&T, Lodha, Tata Power , Torrent Power and Railways for recent projects.

Q. What are the challenges involved in undertaking turnkey contracts where electrical safety is paramount?

Electrical turnkey projects involve the complete design, supply, installation, and commissioning of electrical systems for various applications, such as industrial facilities, commercial buildings, power plants, and infrastructure projects. While these projects can be rewarding, they also come with their fair share of challenges. Some common challenges in electrical turnkey projects include Compliance & Regulations, ROW issues, Interoperability with many stakeholders, Environmental and other legal regulations are major issues. OfflateProcurement and Supply chain management is becoming a major constratint especially in the post covid scenario. There is always major risk of Cost Overrun due to inordinate delays in obtaining statutory permissions.

Q. You also undertake repair and maintenance of transformers. Could you shed more light on this activity as a revenue earner, while also helping you make inroads into the territory of competitors?

Presently this area is a low key for us due to space and capacity constraints.

Q. Who are your major customers, and how do you delight them?

We have the pleasure of being associated with many prestigious customers which include power DISCOMS like MSEDCL, BEST, Adani Electricity, EPC Contractors like L&T, Sterling Wilson, Tata Power and reputed Realtors like Lodha, Brigade,Tata Housing, Godrej, etc.

Vision Vidyut’s cognititve leadership in power distribution solutions

Q. For innovators like you, enough is not enough. Any plans afoot to launch any new product in the near future?

Covid-19 has delayed our new product launch activity forcing us to realign our existing business activity. However the activity has gained momentum and you will see a whole new bunch of products from our Basket which are technologically advanced and meeting and exceeding customers’ requirements.

Q. What are your growth strategies for the future?

We are looking at capacity as well as capability building and are poised for an exponential growth. We have expanded our Sales & Marketing network and are establishing sales and service network PAN India. We plan to invest heavily in our Infrastructure and Manpower in near future.

Q. What are your views on the emerging technology trends in power distribution in India, and how do you keep in step with them?

In India, several emerging technologies are being adopted and explored in the power distribution sector to improve efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. We see too many opportunities in the Renewable sector, Infrastucture expansion, high Speed rail networks, Oil & Gas,etc.

There are talks on Smart Grids, Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Demand Response, Microgrids and we are in the process to keep ourselves inline with these develpmets.

Q. Finally, how do you visualize the future of Vision Vidyut?

I can see too many opportunities in almost every sector connected to Power Distribution. Our Company has taken the steps in right direction in terms of adopting to the latest technology as well as requirements of the Industry and we have a very capable Team who is leading the Company in right direction. You shall see a different Vison Vidyut shortly.


Vision Vidyut’s cognititve leadership in power distribution solutions

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