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Cable glands and terminal play a key role in any secured electrical grid, are extensively used in control panels, switchgear, transformers, circuit breakers and other applications in the field of power supply and distribution. A product of superior raw materials and stringent quality cheeks, Braco cable glands and terminals provised hassle-free solutions for a safe network in any premises.

New Projects :
“Our upcoming projects are an opportunity for us to shape the future for our company and for the industry. All our upcoming projects are based on company’s nucleus philosophy” informs Mr. Sobhani. Automation is the most crucial factor in this vision. To be in sync with the future has always been a priority at Braco. “Hence we are looking forward on manufacturing all our terminal products on completely automatic machines. Also, We aim to add impressive figures to our balance sheets by adding new products for connecting purpose, into our profile,” he adds. This expanding vision will be supported by the growing number of Braco branch offices in the metro cities of India. Starting from the metros of India, the company will strive to reach every patron in the industry and serve them with the best. The immediate upcoming project that the promoters are most excited about is launching of all types of Aluminum Glands for domestic as well as international market. While it is the clear focus that has made all its achievements possible for Braco, today the company is focused on three areas, viz., steady growth, standardization and trust. It has been registering consistent growth from last few decades. “This legacy will continue and will be our focus area in every future planning. To complement this growth story, we aim to meet international standards of electrical industry, across the globe. This standardization of products is a step towards earning the trust of the clients and the industry alike,” says Mr. Sobhani.

Expansion Plan :
Owing to its success and illustrious journey, Braco is in its full vigour to deliver exceptional results. The expansion plans encompass various factors like automatic manufacturing of products and nationwide presence. Braco will be seen in almost every metro city of India in the near future. The futuristic growth of the company is also on the radar. Manufacturing of products and equipments will be done with help of latest technology. “We have completed three decades of trust and quality and the vision of Braco is to provide products, services and solutions that will transform the way electric power utilities manage and distribute electricity,” says Mr. Sunil Giasotta, CEO, Braco Electricals. “We have been manufacturing cable glands and terminal products for the electrical industry. We will be expanding the existing segment by adding new products to it, the products that will serve the industry and will be produced by the use of latest technology and also launched our new Metal Division providing solutions in non-ferrous metals,” Mr. Sobhani adds.

Future Challenges :
The IT boom has created new challenges for many industries. The electrical industry is no exception to it. The demand for electrical supply and its products has grown beyond imagination. Hence, meeting these demands is the biggest challenge for every player in the industry. While meeting the demands of the client, quality becomes the most fragile factor. Quality maintenance is never compromised by Braco, and therefore, delivering quality products at competitive prices becomes a major challenge to overcome. Yet, the company has successfully manages to create a balance between these extreme factors. Speaking about the company’s plan over the next five years, Mr. Sobhani elaborates that it is to increase sales fourfold with the expansion of the factory infrastructure & totally automate production on the modern machinery. “We plan to raise our export revenue up to 50% of our current turnover through advertising and marketing of our product profile, to all the electrical markets around the world,” he concludes.

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