Changing the pace with technology, Balaji Switchgears


Q. Please provide us introduction about your company & products ?

Balaji Switchgears was established in the year 1990. We are the leading technology partner in India today. We cater to supply requirements of low voltage switchgears & automation products along with all associated components like cables, enclosures, panels, ducts, etc. With the support of our electrical and software teams, we have developed expertise and provide the service support of Panel commissioning and programming support to our customers. Our customer basket includes leading OEMs, Panel builders, Contractors and End users from F&B, Packaging, Oil & Chemical, Defence segments and Government authorities etc. We also cater to supply of overseas projects & customers.

Q. What are the applications of the products?

Our product basket is relevant in all segments of the industry i.e. F&B, Packaging & bottling, HVAC plants, Power plants, Transportation facilities, Agriculture, Residential, commercial spaces. Etc.

Q. Kindly explain the area’s of its usage ?

These are used in all LV Panels, for protection and control of any facility/installation as per electrical design.

Q. What are their benefits to the power industry?

Power industry is the ultimate energy source of the nation. Switchgear is the backbone of the power infrastructure in any economy. For having a sustainable power infrastructure, we need to have reliable, connected switchgears and installations, which not only have a larger life but should be able to meet the demands of future for any economy. Since demand for power is ever increasing, we need to have reliable installation base, which can withstand the future demand needs.

Q. Please outline the new technologies and innovations in your business segment?

One of our key principles, Schneider Electric has recently launched TeSys Island as their new innovation, the solution to all the concerns of the modern-day industry. TeSys Island is a digital load management solution that makes machine smarter and more reliable. Compliant to Industry 4.0, it is fully digitized and object-oriented load management system. This solution promises the OEMs by reducing the machines operation time per run when integrated with EcoStruxure Machine architecture. One of its key features is that it is very user friendly and gives the ease of remote access to predictive & preventive application data, leading to early diagnostics & maintenance. This product allows intuitive and simplified engineering of machines and reduces time to market. It offers reduced number of I/O modules for control and does not require auxiliary wiring. Integrating with EcoStruxure Machine expert and SoMove, it is easy to commission. It also supports major automation fieldbuses as Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, PROFINET and PROFIBUS. It can also be integrated with Rockwell’s Studio 500 & Siemen’s TIA portal. However, it can be easily integrated with any 3rd party automation system as well. We have successfully installed this product in Food & Beverage industry, Material working, Material handling, Packaging and many other industries. To turn your life around and go hassle free, get in touch with us with your inquiries.

Q. How does the energy & power segment shaping up?

The current energy and power segment is getting evolved with smart solutions. Today, the customer demands end to end monitoring of his installations and smart communication capable solutions are being adopted by all.

Q. How do you see the power industry and your particular segment heading in the coming years ?

Indian Switchgear market is growing at a CAGR of 7%++ as per experts. With a total projected market to be of USD 3.7 Billion by 2022, Indian Switchgear market plays a significant role in Indian economy. Also, the growth trend seems to be promising for years to come thanks to the tremendous expansion coming in Real estate, transportation, e-commerce etc.

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