Electrical safety in India needs 180 degree turnaround in thinking and application


While Indian companies have started recognizing the importance of machine and work environment safety, there is not enough awareness and emphasis on the crucial issue of ensuring safe electrical working conditions. Mrugit Diwanji, Country Head, DOLD Electric India Pvt Ltd., shares how the company is committed to raise awareness in electrical safety and providing high-quality safety products and services. Excerpts:

Q. Tell us about the products that Dold intends to showcase at ELECRAMA 2020. Please shed light on the key features and differentiators for these products?

DOLD Electric India Pvt Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of E.DOLD & Sohne Kg – Germany. In line with our analysis of Indian industry, we will be showcasing products that exactly meet the requirements of customers. Key products on display will include monitoring relays & earth fault leakage relays along with our wide range of safety products.

At DOLD, we always believe in innovation. Our product solution range is developed after extensive round of discussions with customers to get an insight into their requirements and pain points, as well as gain a thorough understanding of application areas. Backed by these insights, we are successfully catering solutions for insulation monitoring across the globe for various applications like solar inverters, battery monitoring, electrical battery charging stations, AC/DC Drives for high voltage applications, complete fault detection system, motor winding leakage measurement, etc.

At DOLD, we always believe in innovation. Our product solution range is developed after extensive round of discussions with customers to get an insight into their requirements and pain points, as well as gain a thorough understanding of application areas.

Q. What opportunities are you expecting by participating at the mega event. Are there any new products that you would be launching at the event?

ELECRAMA is a mega event for Indian electrical industry, where customers expect to discover new and innovative solutions. As we are sensing increasing demand for safety products among customers, we are expecting a good response for our safety products. We will also exhibit working demo of DOLD Insulation Monitoring Relays to make visitors understand importance of Electrical Safety in Plants, Operations & Machines. We will also be showcasing safety relays, soft starters, PCB mounted safety relays, monitoring relays, wireless safety solutions & many more.

Q. In your observation, what are the prime trends and innovations impacting the electrical safety and machine safety segment?

Today, the customers have become global. They expect highest quality standards and service benchmarks in line with global standards. Indian companies are gearing up to meet these evolving customer demands. Safety is one aspect that has definitely come to the forefront. There is a significant level of awareness and implementation of safety in workplace. Indian companies are adopting latest technologies to provide highest level of safety to their employees, as well as their customers.

However, companies currently are mainly emphasizing on machine & work environment safety. They need to realize that electrical safety is equally important. We, at DOLD, are committed to raise awareness in electrical safety and identify such hazardous situations well in advance by monitoring insulation leakage before it turns into fatal accidents

Q. How does Dold ensure that it meets the customer expectations with their products and services?

While safe working practices, safe machine operations and safe work area are getting a lot of emphasis, safe electrical working conditions is one aspect of safety that is still on the back-burner. DOLD is directly or indirectly associated with many customers, providing PCB mounted safety relays since last 80 years. We are already a part of safe business and are providing next generation solutions like wireless Safety Solutions certified to SIL3 (PLe). Majority of our products are now equipped with BUS solution to receive quick updates in control room. We at DOLD thoroughly understand safety requirements of Indian customers to meet highest quality standards in line with cut-throat competitive business environment and offer the perfect solution to meet highest quality at affordable prices.

Q. Tell us about your developments and focus areas on the R&D side.

With more than 80 years of leadership in the area of safety products, electrical & power monitoring relays, DOLD could achieve this landmark only with in-depth knowledge of technology and own machine tools. This depth of production control and key optimization of the electronic and mechanical components ensures that the high-quality standards expected of DOLD products are maintained. In addition, this level of design and manufacturing control leads easily to the production of custom-built relay products to directly meet customer’s individual requirements.

Q. Update us on the future vision and growth plans for the company in India.

DOLD India is progressing with tremendous support of Indian customers. DOLD name is not new in Indian core industry. Many plants are originally commissioned with DOLD solutions. We are determined and committed to provide sales & service support to our customers. In near future, we are strengthening Indian operations with fully functional infrastructure. With evolving Indian economy, DOLD is geared up to meet every expectation to provide highest quality solution with best possible support. Electrical safety is still a key concern for Indian Industry and needs 180 degree turnaround in thinking and application. DOLD is very well ready to guide and offer solutions for it. With ambitious plan of bullet train, India is switching over to new era of commuting. DOLD is already offering state-of-the-art products to all major global railway transporters. This expertise will certainly help new era of Indian Railways.

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