Executing the impossible has been in our blood from inception


Q. Please brief us about company’s Indian & global reach?

“Nuberg EPC will continue to focus on finding innovative solutions to transform our operations and adapt our business towards being industry leaders for a sustainable future.”

Nuberg EPC is the leading Indian global EPC and turnkey project management company with more than 25 years of domain expertise. We offer single point responsibility solutions and services for the engineering and construction of industrial plants, from concept to commissioning. Nuberg EPC serves Chemicals & Fertilizers, Hydrocarbon, Steel, Nuclear and Defence industries globally. Our successful delivery record has made us the world’s number one EPC & LSTK player for Hydrogen Peroxide and Calcium Chloride and the number 2 EPC Company for Caustic Soda / Chloro-Alkali plants. Overall, Nuberg EPC (www.nubergepc.com) has delivered over 60 turnkey projects across 32+ countries in past 25 years to become a leader in the EPC-LSTK industry.

We pride ourselves on our internal team of more than 300 engineers and 300,000 available engineering work hours that provides us continued global competitiveness. Nuberg EPC also has a specialized heavy fabrication facility located in Gujarat that gives the company unique quality and time advantage. Nuberg EPC’s research & development facility in Sweden, developed process technologies are successful in large scale industrial plants worldwide.

Q. Please also highlight the latest initiatives in your industry domain?

Alignment across the whole ecosystem of Public & Private sectors has never been as strong in India. Government & Leaders are willing to accelerate the development of Hydrogen strong ecosystem. As such Nuberg EPC have invested significantly in innovation and developed strong ecosystem to accelerate the integration of new competencies in Hydrogen energy generation and Ethanol.

We at Nuberg EPC are already building and commissioning India’s first commercial scale Green Hydrogen plant (fuel cell grade). It involves generation of ultra-pure hydrogen and its storage at extremely high pressure. The success of the plant will boost up India energy security and decarbonization of economy

Q. What are the market opportunities for your company’s services in India?

Infrastructure holds the key to India achieving the USD 5 trillion targets and thus creates huge opportunities for our services in India. The Indian EPC market is approximately USD 100 billion and boosted by the governments focus on “Make in India, Make for the world”.

Move towards Hydrogen economy is another gargantuan opportunity for us. Our building and commissioning of India’s first commercial scale Hydrogen purification (fuel cell grade), compression, storage & dispensing facility has opened many more projects to us.
The government’s aggressive Ethanol fuel blending roadmap is also significant for us. Additionally, there is a growing demand for our Hydrogen Peroxide capability along with and Nuberg owned advanced Sulphuric Acid Technology (DCDA). We are also seeing opportunities in fertilisers and have recently won a new project for 1650 MTPD NPK Plant on LSTK basis (under execution currently).

Q. What is future prospect for your industry?

Nuberg is focussing on making fuel cell system & Bio-ethanol, as cost competitive solutions. Through innovation, technical optimisation and scaling, the cost of fuel cell system will continue to drop dramatically. We are also working on our industrialisation capacity which is another key challenge. We also aim to expand the storage capacity exponentially. Facing an increasingly unpredictable environment, we must move forward step by step. We must work across whole supply chain to ensure coherent development and the maturity of different links of chain.

Water soluble fertilisers is also another developing trend globally and we are playing a leading role in creating the manufacturing infrastructure for them.

Q. Is there any plans for expansion & new investment in terms of capability development or new technology adoption to cater the demand of the industry?

Nuberg EPC has been continually incorporating advances in digital technologies and work processes in addition to capability enhancements for emerging global trends like Hydrogen economy, speciality chemicals, water soluble fertilisers etc.

Skid-mounted plants, IoT-enabled monitoring and maintenance of projects and commissioned plants, Big Data for smarter design and inspections, AI-driven intelligent automation, AR and VR for superior safety, communication, and training, and 3D software for accuracy in delivery and reduction in commissioning times are all being innovated upon.

Automation is enabling the development of a detailed initial design that is more than 95% fit as the final design thus enabling real-world estimation of engineering resources, material, and labour. Such automation also helps us to focus on construction execution and related supply chain at an earlier stage thus compressing timelines and costs.

Q. Is there any plans to launch new capabilities?

As the world turns to renewables, a growing number of hydrogen based applications emerge worldwide. We are significantly boosting up our innovation and capabilities in industrial electrolysis by Alkaline & PEM. Multiple, scalable, flexible, modular product ranges are set to meet any customer requirements. PEM electrolyzers have higher power density which requires smaller stack areas relative to alkaline stack. This could contribute to lower stack costs with economies of scale.

Demand for high-pressure H2 gas storage and gas distribution vessels continues to grow globally. So Nuberg has already begun a plan for manufacturing in their facilities, installing new equipment and expanding our skilled workforce
Hydrogen fuelling stations for buses, Trucks, Cars need to deliver vast quantities of H2 at speed. That is exactly what our fuelling stations do best. We are working for enabling the development of Hydrogen mobility in India and many other nations. Our system allows for optimal energy, efficiency, operational, flexibility and maximum H2 throughput.

Implementation of 2G & 3G Ethanol, Water Electrolysis, Water Soluble Fertilizers and Next Generation Nutrients capabilities are also continually being enhanced and improved.

We are also investing extensively in engineering talent which includes, recruiting the best, training, and retraining, and providing the latest digital tools.

Q. What is your vision for your company?

Being a responsible global corporate citizen, Nuberg EPC is committed to innovating world class technologies and processes. Executing the impossible has been in our blood from inception – our tagline Making Ideas Happen is our DNA.

Nuberg EPC has thus developed the habit of setting and improving benchmarks in the industry. Our vision is to continually add value to our clients by offering large-scale industrial projects in a very cost-effective manner and with best-in-class quality.


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