Fluke Networks announcing the industry’s first Certified PoE Tester

Ethernet Alliance Gen 2 Certification for MicroScanner® PoE


MicroScanner PoE – Certified for Power over Ethernet Compliance

Fluke Networks announced the MicroScanner PoE is the first field tester to be certified for IEEE 802.3™ Power over Ethernet (PoE) interoperability by successfully completing the Ethernet Alliance Gen2 PoE Certified program test plan. The MicroScanner PoE speeds the installation and troubleshooting of PoE devices including those supporting the new high-power IEEE-802.3bt™ standard. The product is priced within reach of every technician.

“The rigorous test regimen of the Ethernet Alliance PoE Certification validates that PoE devices strictly adhere to IEEE PoE standards,” stated Peter Jones, chair of the Ethernet Alliance. “Customers who purchase Ethernet Alliance PoE Certified products can expect effortless integration and operation as a result.”

“As a member of the Ethernet Alliance’s Gen 2 PoE contributing group, we’ve been able to work with leading designers and suppliers of PoE equipment”, stated Theo Brillhart, Staff Engineer at Fluke Networks and Ethernet Alliance member. “As a result, we’ve been able to ensure that the MicroScanner PoE can test and troubleshoot a wide variety of both standards-compliant and non-compliant sources.”

PoE provides substantial cost, efficiency and flexibility benefits, however, the term “PoE” is not trademarked, resulting in a wide variety of standardized and somewhat-standardized implementations that are not always interoperable. The Ethernet Alliance certification program is designed to help end this confusion. Power levels and requirements are designated by a number from one to eight indicating the amount (or “class”) of power sourced or required. When connected to Ethernet Alliance Certified Power Sourcing Equipment, the MicroScanner PoE will display the maximum power class available, which can then be compared to power required as indicated by the logo on the Powered Device.

The MicroScanner PoE also provides a complete set of tools for the technician installing PoE and non-PoE devices. Cable wiremapping, a built-in toner, and distance-to-fault indicators can track down cabling problems quickly. When connected to a live switch port, the unit displays the speed of the port up to 10 Gbps, especially useful for troubleshooting slow access points. Cable identifiers can be used to track which cable goes where.

For more information about the MicroScanner PoE, please visit www.flukenetworks.com/MSPoE-EA.

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