“From a start-up to one of the fastest growing eBike brand in India”


Toutche Electric is one of the most promising Micromobility start-ups, reshaping Urban mobility in India. Based in Mysore, Toutche is engineering vehicles, purpose built for individual commute. As Urbanisation grows in India, Toutche identifies space (road, parking) as a finite resource and key factor in defining future mobility plans and vehicle form factors.With space optimisation becoming as crucial as emissions and sustainability, Micromobility has now a hotbed of innovation, globally. Toutche strongly believes Micromobility is a lot more relevant to the Indian context.

Toutche, a proud Indian brand, aims to address today’s challenges of traffic congestion, climate change and sedentarylifestyle, with its well-designed, high quality, Heileo range of electric bicycles. So, if you are looking for a bicycle to commute, ride around town, and also do your activity rides, then Toutche has a range of options for you with Heileo! By making eBikes cool and desirable, Toutche aims to change the face of commuting on Indian roads. Not only does it help keep our air clean but build an active lifestyle and is much lighter on the wallet too.The mission is simple – More miles with bikes.

“From a start-up to one of the fastest growing eBike brand in India”
Toutche Heileo M100 E-bike


With innovation being an integral part at Toutche, its state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Mysuru, will roll-out affordable Connected electric bikes embracing Cloud, IoT, AI/ML technologies that will transform eBikes into intelligent personal devices. Toutche is invested heavily on scaling its high-quality technology team, that carries out cutting edge work around connected platform, electric transmission, battery technology and on-board electronics.

With its wide spread network of exclusive and multi-brand stores in over 25+ cities and growing rapidly, Toutche aspires to hold 10% market share of the eBike market in India by FY2022. Its focus is on the high-value segment democratising technology led eBikes.

Toutche’s goal is to be a strong global brand with Made-in-India eBikes. Whilst scaling its presence in the Indian market, it is preparing to launch the Heileo range of ebikes in Middle East, Australia, UK in 2021 and enter Europe, US and Canada in 2022.

“From a start-up to one of the fastest growing eBike brand in India”

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