German firm MANN+HUMMEL launches ‘OurAir’ in India


Germany based MANN+HUMMEL Group has announced the launch of its OurAir brand in the Indian market. OurAir offers end-to-end indoor air quality solutions that combine MANN+HUMMEL’s 77 years of filtration expertise with cutting-edge digital innovation. These solutions are based on smart devices, where air quality monitors, filters, purification and ventilation systems, integrate seamlessly with the OurAir digital platform. With OurAir solutions, building owners, facility managers and tenants can “KNOW, IMPROVE and MANAGE” the air quality in commercial buildings.

The launch in India also coincided with the official announcement of the accreditation of both the OurAir air quality monitors and digital platform by RESET, the world’s first sensor-based and performance-driven building standard and certification program. The RESET Standard is created with the aim of improving indoor environments and occupant health on a global scale


OurAir is the first company to successfully achieve RESET accreditation for both its cloud software (OurAir Digital Platform), and air quality monitors (OurAir SPS208, SPB308, and SPB358), making it the largest complete end-to-end solution provider in the world.

“Access to clean air is vital for human health and well-being. Unfortunately air pollution in India continues to pose a serious challenge. Based on a WHO ranking of particulate pollution in cities in 2018, 14 of the 20 cities with the highest levels are located in our country.” said Pradeep Randhawa, Managing Director, MANN+HUMMEL India. “We are paying a high price for this, where 30% of all premature deaths today are due to air pollution. As a company MANN+HUMMEL wants to contribute. While it is challenging to eliminate outdoor air pollution, there are effective solutions to ensure good air quality indoors, where we spend up to 90% of our time.”

“The launch of OurAir in India is timely. There is an increase in public awareness, growing demand for pollution-free offices and homes, and new government regulations and building standards supporting the adoption of clean air solutions. We expect the market to grow rapidly over the next few years” added Pradeep Randhawa.

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