India has many assets and good reasons to boost the Renewable Energy projects, especially Wind projects


The overall India energy capacity is currently 370GW, among which 54% is coal, 25% renewable with 40GW wind energy. The goal is to attain 175GW of renewable energy within 2022, including 60GW wind Onshore, 5GW Offshore, and 450GW within 2030, with 140GW wind energy.

It is of paramount importance that India continue to boost the number of renewable projects to fulfill this aim of 450GW, thus reducing carbon footprint, oil import dependency, whilst accompanying India solid industrial and economic development.

Indeed within 10 years, the Indian electricity demand will double in a market of 1,5 Billion people, and out pass the European total consumption.

India is already successful, being the 4th Wind farms worldwide market at 100 meters hub height, China, US, Germany, India, Spain, UK, France being the top 7 countries.

As per the MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy), India has a great potential of 300 GW wind capacity onshore, and thanks to 7600kms coastal area a potential of 195GW in offshore and floating Wind farms.

Maharashtra is already leading the race on Renewable projects along with Gujarat, TN, Rajasthan, Kerala, West Bengal, AP, Odisha.  The main towns equipped being Sangli, Satara, Kayalar, Tirapur, Kethanu, Muppanal

Despite these strong ambitions and assets, the number of wind projects is progressing but at a slow pace, even though it is competitive, 30% cheaper than coal.

Within the last decade, many investors settled on this market, entailing a substantial wind energy cost reduction by 40% within the last 5 years as low as 2,6Inr/KWh.

We welcome the government initiatives to continue to boost the number of renewable projects, including the Hybrid Wind solar projects, the access to more substation’s investments on grid, the land acquisition.

Prysmian on Renewable energy projects

Thanks to the partnership with the key operators, Siemens Gamesa, GE, Vestas, Envision, Inoxwind, Kenersys, Suzlon, RegenPowertech, Deccan, Windworld..,  the EPC’s and utilities, Adani, Tata power, Kalpataru, PGCIL, Npcil, EDF, Total Prysmian develops, supplies Energy cables, smart solutions for the Wind projects and Solar, Nuclear projects.

 Prysmian supplies the complete cable solutions for the renewable projects with Low, Medium, High tension cables, Control and instrumentation, optical fiber cables.

Some of them are manufactured in our Indian factories, whereas some are imported from Europe, US, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand.

Prysmian privilege solid and resilient cable solutions for the wind projects to fulfill the most stringent conditions (UV ,saline, vibrations, abrasion, torsion, elongation) and last decades of exploitation.

We advise to fulfill the standards, and the quality processes.

We can also supply the High (66Kv) /Extra high Voltage (220 to 400Kv) underground or Submarine cables for the power evacuation from the Renewable projects to the substations and grids.

Prysmian innovates in several fields, such as nonpolluting, (no lead or halogen) lighter material, (Amaride), more conductive (new polymers), easier management (smart cable reels) , smart solutions (anticipative maintenance to protect the assets) to ease the installation and ensure a good pay back for the investor.

A sharp increase in Renewable energy projects in India within the next months will boost our R&D localisation, manufacturing increase, investments and new employment in the country

Benoit Lecuyer
CEO Prysmian India

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