Maxon motor develops powerful electric drives and motor for the aerospace industry


Maxon motor has launched powerful electric drives for the aerospace industry, providing reliable and independent solutions for customers worldwide.

Alongside micromotors, gearheads, encoders, and controllers, the company offers complete systems using its knowledge and experience to support individual customer needs. It finds the right solution for every project — be it passenger planes, helicopters or spacecraft.

High-quality DC motors for aerospace projects

The company’s DC motors drive the Mars rovers and have been operating on the Red Planet for more than ten years.

On Earth, the unique quality of maxon motor’s reliable, efficient and powerful drive systems ensures customer satisfaction.

The name maxon is synonymous with customised precision and stands for an extensive support network that guarantees high Swiss standards anywhere in the world.

Robust motors for rotary actuators on aircraft

Drives are installed in insulin pumps and surgical power tools, as well as in humanoid robots and high-precision industrial applications. Motors can also be found in tattoo machines, passenger aircraft, camera lenses, race cars, and cardiac pumps.

maxon motors are compact in their design, are high in quality and reliable. Their resistance to vibrations, shocks and extreme temperatures make them particularly suitable for aerospace applications, while their long service-life highlights their dependability.

The motors are configured for rotary or excellently controlled linear drives, and are made according to EN 9100 certification.

Drive quality is ensured using a continuous computer-aided quality system, combined with a defined configuration and change management solution. In addition, risk is minimised throughout production due to batch tracing.

Drives for complex aviation systems

maxon motor’s quality drives can be found in complex flight solutions such as autopilot systems for controlling flight attitude via mechanical control surfaces. They are also used in auto-throttle systems, as well as in the force feedback joystick of fly-by-wire flight control systems.

To meet the requirements of the aviation industry, maxon motor has developed new production methods to electronically and automatically record the data of each individual product during manufacturing. This means even the highest certification requirements can be met.

The drives’ suitability for aviation systems is evident in their high-power mixed with their capability of being packed into extremely small spaces. They feature precise speed or position control, very high output torque, negligible cogging rotations, and very narrow tolerances in the motor parameters.

The motors are modifiable to meet DO-160 ambient condition requirements.

Precision DC motors for the aerospace industry

Since 1961, Switzerland-based maxon motor has been an important part of the drive industry, delivering strong products and services for aerospace applications. To maintain its reputation, the company invests 8% of its annual revenue in research and development.

Worldwide, maxon has more than 2,200 employees at six production sites and is represented by sales companies in over 30 countries. Its global network keeps the company close to the customer and provides it with the flexibility required to react quickly to changing market situations. This ensures maxon motor’s reliability so that it can remain highly regarded in the drive market, today and in the future.


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