Rack Tower Convertible UPS Launched


UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) manufacturer and a power quality solution provider in India, Numeric, has recently launched the rack tower convertible UPS – Daker DK Plus. The latest product from the company, the single phase UPS, is designed to meet the specific requirements of businesses where real estate space utilisation is a key factor.

With the reversible screen, this convertible UPS can be used both in tower and 19” rack configuration. It also comes with a user-friendly LCD display screen where the main parameters of the system and the status of the UPS, including the battery charge level and faults can be viewed.

Features of DAKER DK PLUS

    • High density UPS
    • Flexible configuration
    • Rotatable screen
    • Intuitive User Interface
    • High Efficiency upto 94%
    • Smart battery management
    • 0.9 in 1-3 kVA and Unity power factor in 5 – 10 kVA
    • Integrated communication software
    • Environment friendly. Eco Passport holder.
    • Upto 4 units in parallel
    • Silent operation – less than 50 dBA

The uniqueness of DAKER DK PLUS lies in its flexible configuration, rotatable screen, intuitive user interface, higher efficiency, unity power factor, compact footprint and with integrated communication software thereby making it a perfect match for businesses. The sleek looking product is not only aesthetically appealing but also scores high on all parameters of a power backup solution.

The product caters to modern retail, banking, logistics, infrastructure and entertainment segments.


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