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Polycab Wires  Pvt Ltd has established itself as one of the leading companies in the Indian electrical industry with an enviable track record over four decades. As a move towards the next level, the company endeavours to be a complete electrical solutions company.

Talking about the company’s new product, Shashi Amin , President – Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd. said, “Polycab is committed to providing not just products but solutions for our customers. At ELECRAMA 2018, we would be showcasing our entire basket of products including solar inverters, switchgear products and consumer products. We will also showcase some of the new innovative products like e-beam cables, rubber cables, fire survival cables, instrumentation cables etc.”

He adds, “While some of the new offerings can cater to new target groups, industries and sectors, most of them will continue to strengthen our position in the existing markets.”

“ We have also set up a NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) accredited laboratory in record time for cable testing which will drastically reduce customers time in testing,” informs Shashi Amin, President – Corporate, Polycab Wires Pvt Ltd.

Innovation as the cornerstone of growth strategy
Polycab’s Fire Survival Cables, as the name suggests, are designed to be functional for hours under extreme fire, keeping in mind the safety and requirements of high-rise buildings, firefighting systems, lifts, public addressing systems, data centres, critical components of industries, etc.

A rather large varieties of rubber cables are developed to cater to industries such as mining, oil and gas and windmills where the requirement is that of flexibility and non-corrosive insulation.

E-beam cable is a unique product because of the durability and better current carrying capacity. Its applications range from outdoor requirements to solar power plants to railways. The features make it the preferred choice of the future.

Committed to be an integral part of India’s growth story
Amin continued talking about Polycab’s commitment towards achieving manufacturing prowess. He said, “We believe in the ‘Make in India’ mission and have developed capabilities to compete with the best in the world.  We are committed to playing a big part in the infrastructure development in the country and be an integral partner in the India growth story.”

He also adds, “As power saving has been our motto, we are committed to products that are sustainable.”

Protecting the customer is not just an empty promise
In the words of Inder Jaisinghani, Chairman and Managing Director, Polycab, “At Polycab we are very passionate about the safety of our customers, as using an inferior counterfeited wire can be frequently be fatal. We are committed to protecting our hard-earned brand reputation for the safe and reliable products.Thus, to us, any technology that allows for customers to by themselves easily and instantly verify authenticity is a most welcome step.

Pioneering anti-counterfeiting system
Of late, as security being major priority, Polycab has developed special, innovative packaging with enhanced features and anti-counterfeit mechanism for its products. This mechanism has been conceptualised and developed by Diwaker Bharadwaj, President – Marketing Communication & Packaging Development at Polycab in collaboration with Product Secure for first time in wire and cable industry in India.

Explaining the unique features of the innovative anti-counterfeit system, Bharadwaj said, “Polycab will ensure the application of a unique identifier in the form of barcode on each consumer label package, which can be verified at the time of purchase using a mobile App. In this era of digitisation, when everyone wants to have information on finger tips, its high time we devise such way and means by taking recourse to Digital Technology which can ensure that the customer gets true value of his money for the product and not cheated by any counterfeits and duplicate. We have there for joined hands with Product Secure for the excellent technology.”

Key features

  • Anti-counterfeit solution enables Polycab to uniquely code and identify each single unit manufactured that makes it unique across the supply chain.
  • Polycab’s end-consumers or its supply chain partners (dealers, retailers, electricians) can verify the authenticity of genuine Polycab products either through an SMS or by using a Smartphone App.
  • An added feature is aggregation or parent-child relationship between various levels of packaging of Polycab products. Coded and aggregated products can be tracked and traced during its journey through the supply chain right from the time they leave a Polycab facility.
  • Polycab has integrated its Loyalty Program, Bandhan for key stakeholders with this solution so that every genuine verifier of respective code gets the appropriate loyalty points or benefits offered by Polycab.
  • This solution offered by Product Secure also helps Polycab gather key market insights that enable better decision making and planning.

 Currently this solution has been deployed PAN India. Starting with wires, the plan is to expand this offering to all important product ranges at Polycab, informs Bhardwaj. He adds, “Polycab has managed to touch all the key stakeholders in the business chain through this initiative. Hence it is able to segment the local markets or stakeholders depending on their sales contribution and also track the same over a period of time.”

Downstream Benefits
As the solution is implemented further, it would help streamlining and proper planning for logistics and inventory control. As the goods and shipments will be trackable, it will build a trustworthy relationship with business stakeholders, and help create a strong brand image and equity concludes Bharadwaj.

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