Riello Power India : Benchmarking the excellence in power conditioning arena


Q. Riello Power India is being one of the leading name in power electronic sector & has a significant market share for power conditioning products, how did Riello Power managed this bounteous growth?

Riello Power India has been a completely UPS focused company. We manufacture all types of technologies and ratings of UPS right from SCR Rectifier based to IGBT Rectifier based UPS, Transformer-less to Transformer-based UPS, Single Phase to Three Phase UPS as well as Modular UPS systems.

Instead of recommending a UPS based on what is available in our range, we always recommend the optimal UPS for the customer’s applications.

None of our competitors offer such a comprehensive range of UPS technologies as we do. As a result, we’ve been able to achieve such rapid growth.

Riello Power India : Benchmarking the excellence in power conditioning arena

Q. What is the overall outlook for Riello Power & brief us about Riello Power’s global & domestic presence?

Riello Power India’s ultimate vision is to be close to our customers at all times, to understand their unique needs and to serve them with the finest solution for their applications.

Furthermore, rather than outsourcing to other parties, we have our own service centers to provide direct support to our customers. This brings more confidence and satisfaction to them.

Riello UPS is one of the top leading brands in the domestic market for Three Phase UPS Systems, as well as one of the top five UPS manufacturers in the world.

Riello Power India : Benchmarking the excellence in power conditioning arena

Q. How about Riello Power’s initiatives in power electronic space? Which are your focus areas?

Our initiatives in the power electronic space is to cater to the niche market that requires greater and more reliable power supplies, as well as stringent and harsh manufacturing processes and the customers that understand their technical requirements and prioritize them over a price-focused approach.

As a result, Riello Power India has established itself as one of the leading UPS providers to Indian space, defense, IT, data centers, and process driven manufacturing sectors.

Q. What are the market opportunities for Riello Power products in India? How do you plan to position these products?

Riello UPS has a huge market opportunity because we’ve established ourselves as a leading brand thanks to our product quality, availability, efficiency, serviceability, and wide range of products for different applications.

Year after year, a growing number of delighted customers associate with us and recommend our UPS solutions to others in the industry.

Riello Power India : Benchmarking the excellence in power conditioning arena

Q. What are your key objectives for Indian market?

Our key objectives for Indian market are:
  1. To educate our customers to select a product based upon its technical features and suitability for their application for which they require a UPS system
  2. To change the only price-focused mindset of the customers and help them understand that UPS is the heart of the application for which they need it and that it should be chosen based on value rather than price alone.
  3. To keep providing more & more advanced, robust and resilient products to our customers year after year for their ever-growing critical application needs

Q. Brief us about the brand philosophy of your business?

“Reliable power for a sustainable world” is the Riello UPS philosophy condensed into few simple words; a global brand constantly searching for the most innovative solutions that ensure a dual safety: a solid critical-load protection that also keeps the protection and sustainability of Planet Earth at the forefront of our minds.

Riello Power India : Benchmarking the excellence in power conditioning arena

Q. What do you think are the strengths for Indian power conditioning equipment industry?

Indian Power Industry’s strengths include the ever-increasing market need for new mission-critical applications that require reliable power supply.

It is further bolstered by the availability of more and better product evaluation systems provided by technical leads and consultants. Customers’ growing recognition of the importance of a good UPS system for their critical processes also contributes positively to it.

Q. What are the biggest challenges that need to be addressed in Indian power conditioning industry?

The two biggest challenges that need to be strongly addressed in Indian Power Conditioning Industry are:
  1. To restrict import of low quality, low priced products which are not at par with the international standards
  2. Non availability of high quality domestic power components manufacturers.
    Riello Power India : Benchmarking the excellence in power conditioning arena
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