From Reactive To Proactive Service


 Q: You are an established name in the field of power conditioning. Where do you stand exactly?

For more than a century Eaton has focused exclusively on solving the most critical power management challenges through cutting-edge electrical, hydraulic and mechanical solutions. Eaton is a global leader in electrical business with expertise in power distribution and circuit protection; back-up power protection; control and automation; lighting and security; structural solutions and solutions for harsh and hazardous environments.

Our strength comes from our unrelenting focus on realizing our vision to improve the quality of life and the environment with our power management technologies and solutions. Being a diversified global company, we effectively leverage engineering and technology expertise, market intelligence and best processes and practices across the organization and develop innovative solutions and technologies that help our customers manage power more efficiently, safely, reliably and sustainably. Our offerings are further strengthened in India with our ability to manufacture products locally and present our customers with the best value propositions.

Eaton’s products and solutions in the power conditioning space are designed to counter all major power management challenges. For example, Eaton’s :
Active Harmonic Filters provides dynamic harmonic correction by actively injecting the required currents into client’s electrical distribution system that cancels the entire spectrum of damaging harmonic currents at the point of connection.

Electronic Voltage Regulators combines voltage regulation with a transformer and filter in order to remove transients and noise. The combined effect solves 99 percent of the electrical disturbance problems, including electrical brownouts, sags, surges, transients and other electrical disturbances.

Sag Ride Through Power Conditioner is the first power conditioner to incorporate new technology that corrects voltage sags and maintains uptime and productivity.

Power Factor Correction Devices: Low Power factor is another challenge faced in power conditioning. Eaton offers capacitor based power factor correction devices that are designed for wide range of applications for both low voltage and medium voltage.

Industry Leading UPS Systems: To have your critical operations up and running. In case of power outages, our vast range of UPS systems backed up by stored power in batteries serves to provide uninterruptible clean power. With automatic transfer switches and parallel configuration in the UPS systems, you can ensure reliability and redundancy with your power sources.

Q. What are the product / technological innovations you have showcased recently?

For a wider adoption of renewable energy, there is a growing need for reliable and affordable energy storage solution. At Eaton we recently showcased our xStorage solution. The Eaton xStorage system allows end users to store energy once produced, often from roof top solar panels, so that it can be used on demand to power the business or to participate in demand response programs, selling energy back to the grid. It has got diverse portfolio for residences, buildings and grid scale.

We have also recently launched Predict Pulse – a predictive analytics service for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) which leverage IoT technologies to prevent downtime at Datacenters. With Predict Pulse, we use IoT technologies to collect and analyze all types of structured and unstructured data from sensors onboard the Eaton UPS and use them to generate predictive and statistical models to generate alerts for recommended actions to be taken even before the failure occurs.

It’s a paradigm shift from reactive to proactive service model for power asset management.

Q. Would you like to share any differentiated offer you could make to the end user with tangible benefits?

Managing power efficiently is a challenge for most IT managers as it involves various nuances from electrical, mechanical, and environmental factors which are not a part of their core expertise. In India, Eaton has recently launched a fully integrated Data Centre in a rack called as Micro Data Center . The Micro Data Center is a compact, efficient, cost saving and highly reliable solution which allows an IT manager to just think about the servers, storage & networking and leave the complexities of Power to be managed by the Micro Data Center. The Micro Data center has a UPS placed inside a standard 42U IT tack with cooling unit placed at the bottom . There is 29 U free space available for placing servers and other IT equipment. It comes along with power distribution units, sensors, alarms, display and remote monitoring and remote operation features. The complexity of managing Data Centre power and environment is taken away by offering a simple integrated solution. .

Q. Have you planned any customer engagement programs or expansion plans as a part of your growth strategy?

Eaton believes in partnering with customers to understand their challenges and work with them to offer the most optimum solutions. Hence, we approach our engagement with our customers as an inherent part of the way we work. In addition, we participate in some leading industry events, exhibitions and trade shows as well as drive our own customer connect events called Eaton Technology Days.

We are also working on completely localizing our products in India, including our testing and sourcing. Eaton already has a substantial footprint in India with seven manufacturing sites, an extensive sales and service network, a professional services center as well as a global innovation center that drives innovative product development to help us stay ahead. With a customer-centric approach, industry leading technologies, local manufacturing, sales, distribution and service strength and an unrelenting focus on innovation and R&D, we are well positioned to make what matters work for our customers.

Q. What’s the shape of things to come in your field which would be exciting and trendsetting?

Technology has always evolved towards increasing user friendliness and reducing footprint. There are two technologies which are noteworthy. Lithium-Ion batteries is surely one technology that will transform multiple industries. With high energy density and design life cycle, its deployment is becoming one of the major trends in the IT industry. Secondly, the growing number of connected devices or the Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting many existing business models and creating new opportunities.

At Eaton we are leveraging IoT technologies towards integrating renewable sources of energy along with various loads in order to deliver high up time with the distributed generation model.


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