Digital adaptation and dependency have seen a multifold increase and has become the way of life


Q. How Numeric aids various segments such as data centres, healthcare and other industries in the post-covid scenario

Digital acceleration and the increased focus on Digital first initiatives have given rise to the need for high power availability. Every industry irrespective of scale and size, had already geared up and is on steadfast, to match the growing consumer demand. This means that there is a huge pressure on the power grid to meet the demands of production activities and the commercial services segments, in the post covid scenario. When it comes to power availability and continuity, organisations across segments need to have maximum uptime at all times.

Digital adaptation and dependency have seen a multifold increase and has become the way of life in the post covid world. There has been a sudden surge in data consumption and more and more organizations are continuing to invest in their digital infrastructure. The rising investments in datacenters, infrastructure projects and industrial segments offers a promising demand for UPS in the coming months. We are already seeing an increase in demand for Power back-up products over the last few months.

During Covid and post covid, content generation has driven data demand to new scales and this in turn has resulted in an increased demand to set up data centers. As both availability and continuity of power is critical for data centres and with growing demand, they need modular and scalable solutions to meet the diverse business needs.

From edge data centers to large scale data centers, we offer both conventional and modular solutions to make them more agile and adapt to sudden growing demands. Our UPS offer redundancy, scalability and at the same time are highly efficient with cost saving and energy saving.

For healthcare segment, our solutions cater to every infrastructure need, from IT to Electrical to Equipment infrastructure, i.e., from their offices to OPs to labs to critical medical infrastructure. Hospitals, Pharma labs not only need reliable and cost-efficient solutions, but also quick resolution in case of downtime. Infact during the pandemic, we had worked closely with hospitals across the country to power back-up their additional COVID infrastructure requirements and continued to maintain maximum uptime.

Similarly, for industries and commercial applications, our products and solutions are designed to offer maximum efficiency with low TCO.

We work with clients across segments like Data Centers, Healthcare, Manufacturing, IT, ITeS, Commercial establishments and SOHO to offer need based solutions across various power backup range.

Q. How investing in a UPS can be cost-effective for one and all at home and the associated industries during the pandemic

During the pandemic, homes transformed into workspaces, learning centres and much more. While corporates offered its employees the flexibility to work from home or from anywhere option, ensuring business continuity for these enterprises became critical. This is where the role of UPS becomes very significant. This apart, service played a very crucial role during the pandemic, our engineers worked closely with the customers across segments to ensure business continuity at all times.

With the advent of smart homes, the need for uninterrupted power cannot be understated. Technology driven homes need constant power supply to make it truly smart and efficient and this is where UPS has a role to play. From a simple surveillance to modern age home automation systems, the requirement for power back-up at homes varies depending on the automation.

With rapid digitalisation and advancement of technology across industries, the need for power continuity has become even more crucial. For example, if we take the manufacturing segment, power surge or disruption can not only interrupt their production schedule but also damage the sensitive high tech equipment or robotic manufacturing process.

Similarly in the healthcare facility, power disturbances could adversely affect the advanced equipment and impact healthcare delivery. A slight downtime in the data center of any financial institution can hamper the banking experience of the customers. Therefore, investing in a reliable power backup solution is necessary to ensure business continuity. And what is more important is the efficient upkeep and maintaining uptime of these systems, that is why service capabilities becomes very crucial in Ups industry.

At Numeric, we have the distinction of having the largest service infrastructure with over 250+ direct service centres and over 800+ field technicians serving in more than 1000 cities across the country.

Q. The market size of UPS industries and Numeric’s positions

According to the report by Global Market Insights, UPS Market size exceeded USD 10 billion in 2021 and anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6% between 2022 and 2028. With rapid digitalisation and increased investments, this is bound to strengthen the demand for UPS.
Numeric is one of the top 3 UPS companies in the country, and holds leadership in single phase and line interactive UPS consecutively for the past 29 years.

Q. Product portfolio and upcoming launches and market share

We have a wide product portfolio to cater to various power back-up applications from 600 VA to 21 MW for segments across Datacenter, IT, ITeS, Healthcare, Manufacturing, BFSI, Residential and SOHO.
We recently launched a single phase UPS called Premius which brings the Power of One advantage in design, performance, flexibility, reliability, smart management and service. Earlier we had also launched a three phase modular UPS Keor MOD that redefined the concept of modularity. Each power module of 25 kW is the smallest 25 kW 3 phase module available in the market.

Another significant addition to the portfolio was the introduction of DIY range of UPS, that requires no installation support. This was a need based solution that Numeric had launched during the pandemic considering the health and safety of our employees and customers.

Our new products and solutions are based on need based innovation and smart solutions, solutions that address the pain point of the customers. We already have a line up of launches in both single phase and three phase UPS that will address the needs of the customers.


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