E.ON and Orcan Energy collaborate on heat power technology


From planning to installation, financing, plant operation, and plant maintenance, E.ON takes over energy supply as a complete, tailor-made package. Orcan Energy’s innovative efficiency PACKs can be deployed anywhere where surplus heat is generated, including geothermal sources. About the size of a shower cubicle, they are usually connected very easily and quickly and convert waste heat of all kinds into carbon-free electricity.

The companies say they “want to make it easier for industrial operators to work in a manner that conserves resources and at the same time economically in the interest of the environment.”

By 2030, according to the companies, the effective use of waste heat could save up to 130 million tons of climate-threatening carbon emissions.

Dr. Andreas Sichert, CEO of Orcan Energy comments, “With this model, we offer our customers the opportunity to operate in two ways that are absolutely resource-saving. For one thing, they do not have to make big investments and can concentrate completely on their core competences and, secondly, they can prepare their processes for a sustainable, clean future.”

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