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Q. Please brief us about company’s infrastructure & achievements?

Techno Products Development Pvt Ltd TECHKNOW is an ISO 9001 – 2015 certified company and was established in the year 1999. We are happy to introduce ourselves as TECHNO PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT PVT LTD, the largest and most preferred partner, and distributors for the Industrial Transmission Application Engineering products like Electric Motors, Geared Motors, Gear boxes, VFD’s, Panels, Pumps & Accessories, Bearings, Couplings, Brakes & Clutches and Harmonic Filters, Cables, Wires, Robotics of all leading brands.

Being one of the largest channel partners of reputed international brands of industrial products, Techknow celebrates 19 Years of Service in the Power Transmission & Electrical trade. In the year 2013, Techknow joined hands with one of the leading electrical trading business giants, M/s VASHI Electricals P Ltd, Mumbai, to expand their business and strengthen their base in Tamil Nadu/ Kerala. Due to this joint venture, today it has a good presence across the country catering to the local project needs of every region. In addition to that, their four decades long experience and the pioneering work on the electrical trading dias, has had an impact on Techknow, helping them to grow as a company and reach new heights.

Techknow’s logistics centre in Chennai, Coimbatore & Madurai boasts of a 25000 sq.ft area with more than 5000 different products stocked to satisfy their diversified customer needs in time. This is made possible with the help of the State of the Art SAP ERP software, Sales force, System processes and customer portal which forms the backbone of their organization.

“We build long lasting relationships by making our customers feel happy when they are with us.”

1) Sales & Marketing Department:

Consisting of the Brand Head, Brand Manager, Business Manager, Business Development Manager and the Relationship Manager, under each of the Electrical and Mechanical limbs, the Sales and Marketing department functions across Tamilnadu and Kerala; with a Sales Co-ordinator assisting the Sales team.

2) Service Department:

The Service Department consists of technically qualified and experienced Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, supported by the Service Coordinator to who follows up on all service related calls. Specially trained engineers are always on call, for attending to all service related complaints, installation and commissioning of the products. We also conduct On site visits to provide support for re-engineering solution.

Service on wheels:

We have a unique way of providing services to our customers, especially for Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), which we do by visiting their workstations in person and carrying out the necessary repairs. Also, it is important to mention that our Service department includes a qualified and experienced Engineer, exclusively deployed for Harmonic Survey and Energy

3) Stores and Logistics Department:

This department consists of a Purchase Manager for Stock Management and is supported by the respective Brand Heads for Inventory and Inward/Outward Management. The Operations Manager will raise a delivery note, upon which the Store Manager would raise the invoices. For the effective execution of all store related work, we have deployed Executives responsible for the Logistics and Stores Housekeeping. They are supported by skilled technicians and workers.

4) Spare Parts & Maintenance Department:

This department consists of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. The department of After-Sales Services, does its job by supplying spare parts, and providing partial and comprehensive maintenance to customers by giving the necessary information and advice as per the recommendations of the manufacturing companies.
We have dedicated 24/7 service engineers and authorized freelancers to meet any emergency calls.

5) Financial and Commercial Department:

All our customer orders are thoroughly audited for technical and commercial accuracy before they are forwarded for the procurement process. A fool proof check mechanism is in place to conduct credit checks and to assess our customer loyalty levels. We have a strong Finance Head – A Chartered Accountant who is assisted by the Accounts Manager, Credit Manager and the Legal and Taxation Manager.

6) Human Resources Department:

Consists of Department Directors and their subordinates for all HR related activities. Our HR Dept has been aligning the company’s internal & external processes with the growing & ever-changing demands of the complex business environment for the past nearly 20 odd years. The combination of a soft and subdued yet persistent and firm personal approach has provided the company with a head start in many of their initiatives.

We are proud to share the implementation of Zing HR software for all HR related transactions through digital mode. We have calendars defined well in advance for periodical technical training / motivational Training / Employee & Family Engagements.


Our Achievements

Q. What are the latest initiatives executed by your company? Which are your focus areas?

  • Recently opened branches across Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
  • Variety of service complete solution providers in Power Transmission products through our well trained Electro Mechanical Engineers based on the customer needs and focus.
  • Having warehouse capacity to hold adequate stocks of all material handling equipments products & power transmission equipments to meet the supply demand across the country in real time.
  • Power Transmission Products & services; namely motors, Gear Boxes, VFD, Coupling, Pumps & others 20 leading brands in all major industries.
  • Emergence in the field of Industrial automation device.

Q. What are the market opportunities for your products in India? How do you plan to position these products?

The Indian gearboxes and geared motors market is poised to grow at a compound annual growth rate of (CAGR) of 17.3 per cent over 2010-11 to 2017-18. The XI five-year plan (INR 20,271,000.0 million) and its impact on the growth of heavy industries is expected to spur the growth of Indian gearboxes and geared motors market in India. Growing demand for electrical efficiency and increasing investment in modernization of infrastructure will drive the global VFD (variable frequency drives)/VSD (variable speed drives)/ASD (adjustable speed drives)/inverters market to $18,854 million by 2017, with a CAGR of 8.7% from 2012 to 2017.

Asia-Pacific, with its thriving economies and rapidly expanding manufacturing bases, is expected to experience highest revenue growth during the next five years. Rising energy prices, stringent efficiency regulations, and increased awareness about advantages of the drives are the factors increasing the demand for VFD.

TECHNO Strategic Plan:

  • Variety of service complete solution providers in Power Transmission products through our well trained Electro Mechanical Engineers based on the customer needs and focus.
  • All our major principals who supply transmission equipments have established manufacturing plants in India, thus minimizing operation cost and improving supply.
  • Branches across TN & KL will help to do statutory compliance on time.
  • Technology Training, Functional training, Soft skill training to enhance skill, competencies of sales and service team, simultaneously improving to connect to customer needs.
  • Territory demarcation, new territories expansion, deployment filed sales and service team to explore the market potentials.
  • Implementation of Filed work system and periodic review and evaluation mechanism to increase performance.
  • Team of sales and service team demarcated territory wise to provide what required.
  • Having warehouse capacity to hold adequate stocks of all material handling equipments products & power transmission equipments to meet the supply demand across the country in real time.

Q. What is your marketing strategy for India?

TECHNO PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT PVT LTD, marketing strategy for India One stop Re-Engineering Solution by Designing, Developing, Cost Effective Energy saving, Operational efficient Transmission solution, with quality Power Transmission Products & service in motor, Gear Boxes, VFD, Coupling, Pumps & others 20 leading brands in all major industries, since 1997.

  • Providing customized Engineering solution
  • Moving into new market segment and adding newer products to cater to the current market needs.
  • A new Pan India market coverage by email campaigning, products web seminars, products demo in industrial expos, organizing engineering awareness programs at SIDCO/SIPCOT,CII and other affiliated Industrial units, sponsoring Industrial meets by taking part in their marketing programs.
  • Marketing activities like Product campaigns, DEMO mass contact programs, Industrial seminars, customized on site solutions by technical expert engineers.
  • To tap the new market growth potentials and growth of different industries.
  • Well trained Service Engineers to offer 24×7 technical services, attended to in the shortest possible time, so as to provide timely support to our customers.
  • Opening up service centers in all industrial areas, SIPCOT/SIDCO in collaboration with CII.
  • Expanding our sales and marketing operations in all potential markets like Pondicherry, Salem by 2019-20
    Starting operation and sales promotion in all potential markets like Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other upcoming industrial belt areas by 2020-21.
  • We are planning to start our first overseas branch in Srilanka by 2019-20 where we can visualize tremendous growth.
  • We being in the trading industry, perform a weekly “Potential Se Parichay (PSP)”.
  • Which means, identifying the new potential areas and undertaking cold calling.

Our methodology is centered on the following 7 steps:

  • Step 1: Understand business functionality of the system.
  • Step 2: Understand pain areas, in transmission equipment with other systems
  • Step 3: Identify appropriate system reengineering pattern, by a technical expert.
  • Step 4: Agree with business and technology teams on benefits of reengineering & timeline.
  • Step 5: Procure order and perform reengineering.
  • Step 6: Implement the new reengineered solution.
  • Step 7: Feedback to measure actual benefits of reengineering against perceived benefits

Q. Brief us about the quality policy for your business?

TECHNO PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT PVT LTD-Quality Policy Our USP is” Dedicated to Growth | Committed to Service”, Techno Products development Pvt LTD recognizes that the disciplines of quality, health and safety of employee, and work environmental management are an integral part of its management function. The organization proudly takes this as its core responsibility. In addition, we believe that in adopting a quality management system, we are striving to improve our efficiency, work environment, service to customers, and ultimately our profitability.

Shobhana Narayanan : HR

Mrs. Shobhana Narayanan, HR Director of M/s Techno Products Pvt. Ltd. (Chennai), while being at the helm, has been rejuvenating force, addressing the “value-based” initiatives of the Company. Being a staunch believer of the value of values, she has been bringing together the internal and external process with their intricacies aptly answered then and there. Any business of the modern era with the most advanced technologies is bound to face stiff competition. Having realised this, she has been envisaging meticulously to raise above. Apart from being very shrewd she is kind and adroit which makes her unique.

In short, Mrs. Shobhana Narayanan is an epitome of long lasting Inspiration.

MeeraMaya :

MeeraMaya is a “Start-Living” phenomenon propelled by Mrs. Shobhana Narayanan in Chennai. It has been in vogue for a little over 2 years. It tends to find an answer to the citizens who have been in pursuit of peace and happiness. MeeraMaya simplifies the difficulties arising out of human errors. “Giving more and Receiving less” is the sole and glaring effort of MeeraMaya.

It’s activities are aimed at finding an everlasting solution for different kind of turmoil and ordeals faced by those who have no wherewithal. Hence, it uses different modules of operations spread wide over Tamilnadu. The MAINSTAY of this endeavour is to make people realise the realities so as to live a life of contentment and peace. The year 2019 has begun with the slogan of “Its Joy, and Joy everywhere” by a bundle of youngster brimming with enthuse. “Rearing to go, indeed!”


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