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FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) - founded in 1978 and headquartered in Wilsonville,


FLIR Systems, Inc., founded in 1978 and based out of Wilsonville, Oregon, is a global maker of sensor systems that enhance perception and heighten awareness of observation. The company helps save lives, improve productivity while protecting the environment. FLIR’s vision is to be “The World’s Sixth Sense” by applying thermal imaging and associated technologies to provide innovative, intelligent solutions for measurement and diagnostic systems, environmental and condition monitoring, machine vision, security and surveillance, outdoor recreation, navigation, and advanced threat detection. Their products improve the way people interact with the ambient world, increase energy efficiency, enhance productivity, cut down production loss, heighten public safety and enable healthy communities.

FLIR delivers world-class thermal cameras and test & measurement tools with the accuracy, reliability, and versatility you need to tackle your most challenging jobs.

It takes the right tools to quickly identify potential points of failure in an electrical or manufacturing environment, especially since many of these components are impossible to reach. That’s why FLIR has introduced advance thermal imaging cameras for electrical & mechanical applications. FLIR E53, E75, E85, E95 thermal imaging cameras offer superior resolution, precise laser-assisted autofocusing, and the option of interchangeable lenses – so you can target desired component effortless and avoid costly shutdowns. For professional, high end applications, we have T-Series with rotating optical blocks for long hours/ outdoor/ critical scanning of equipment’s mounted at higher ground level etc. FLIR new advanced Exx series is a perfect tool for routine maintenance applications at different manufacturing locations. The new Exx series may help in:

Improve Plant Reliability: Equipment failures are costly and can impact on-time delivery, so it’s important to find hidden problems early. Exx-Series cameras have laser-assisted autofocus* and up to 464 x 348 true native resolution for precise identification of hot spots – so you can find potential points of failure before they cause expensive shut-downs. With up to 161,472 pixels resolution and a more vibrant LCD screen than any other pistol-grip camera, the Exx-Series makes it easier than ever to diagnose problems even at a distance. Avoid costly shutdowns and lost production time through regular predictive maintenance routines with these rugged, intuitive cameras.

Increase Plant Safety The Exx-Series cameras will help you diagnose and report electrical and mechanical failures before they lead to fires or explosions. Exx-Series cameras high-accuracy temperature measurements help you immediately identify failing components that could cause fires or other safety hazards. Image enhancements such as FLIR’s patented MSX® make it easy to spot system weaknesses before they become serious problems. Detect temperatures as small as <0.04°C (24°C) for immediate identification of failing components.

See Problems Clearly The vivid, 4” LCD display is visible from a 160° angle. Interchangeable optics* auto-calibrate with the lens – so you can easily attach a telephoto lens for distant targets, or a more narrow field of view for closer subjects.

Make Your Work Easier FLIR designed all four Exx-Series cameras with features that streamline your workday. Rapid-response touchscreen with intuitive new user interface. Convenient menu buttons allow for one-handed operation. New folder and naming structure that makes finding images easier.

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