High precision gap monitoring in plant and machinery


With the eddyNCDT 3060, Micro-Epsilon has developed a powerful displacement measuring system based on the eddy current principle, which combines precision, speed and temperature stability in a unique way. These characteristics are complemented with maximum ease of use and an excellent price/performance ratio. The system shows its strengths primarily with gap measurements in harsh ambient conditions.

Due to its robust design and high measurement accuracy, the system is used to monitor the lubricating gap and thermal expansion, as well as to determine shaft movement and radial run out of machine parts and drive components.

High precision gap monitoring in plant and machinery
Fig: Eddy Current Sensors for Wind Turbines

Measuring the bearing gap in wind turbines

Wind turbines typically have two main bearings in which the rotor shaft runs. Due to safety and cost reasons, wind turbines require 24/7 monitoring.

Monitoring the bearing gap between the bearing surface and the drive shaft is one of the primary objectives. An oil film in the lubricating gap prevents direct contact between the bearing surface and the shaft. Improved sliding properties of the bearing increase the turbine’s effectiveness while prolonging its service life. The sliding properties mainly depend on the width of the bearing gap. Based on the size of the bearing gap, conclusions can be drawn about the wear. This is because when the gap width is reduced, less oil covers the bearing surface and the component wear increases. This would lead to high temperatures, rapid wear and to bearing damage. In the worst case, the plant comes to a standstill which results in high service costs.

High precision gap monitoring in plant and machinery

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