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Hard shell, stable core – new cables and connectors from Lapp

Bangalore: The Lapp Group will present countless new innovations and developments at the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg (Hall 6, stand 258). Highlights will include the ÖLFLEX® 408 P and ÖLFLEX® 409 P, both of which feature a tough but easy to remove PUR sheath. With the ETHERLINE® ROBUST and the EPIC® ULTRA protective cover, Lapp has developed a cable and accessory for a rectangular connector that are specially modified to withstand the steam and aggressive cleaning agents of the food and drinks industry. ÖLFLEX® HEAT 125 and ETHERLINE® FIRE PH120 are designed for top-level fire protection. With the ETHERLINE® PN Cat.5 RJ45 series of assemblies, Lapp is responding to the need for simple, fast and error-free pluggable systems.

New products in detail:

a. ÖLFLEX® 408 P / ÖLFLEX® 409 P: Tough and easy to work with

Cables with polyurethane sheaths are always the first choice for conditions that are too raw for standard PVC cables, such as high mechanical stresses, contact with oil-based lubricants, diluted acids, aqueous alkaline solutions and other chemical substances. This toughness often comes with a catch, however. The tear and notch-resistant PUR sheath is often difficult to strip and therefore requires extremely precise tool settings. If the cut is too deep, the core insulation can be damaged. On the other hand, the sheath material can tear if the cut is not deep enough to allow for clean removal. The ÖLFLEX® 408 P and 409 P make this risk a thing of the past. The cables have a interstice filler functional layer that protects the cores and makes cutting and removing the outer sheath easier and safer. The cables are available in grey with VDE certification (ÖLFLEX® 408 P) and in black with UL certification for the North American market (ÖLFLEX® 409 P).

b. ETHERLINE® ROBUST, EPIC® ULTRA H-B 16 protective cover: Safety for the food industry

Lapp is expanding its portfolio for the food and drinks industry with a range of new products. The ETHERLINE® ROBUST series for industrial Ethernet is especially resistant against weather, ozone and UV radiation. The halogen-free cable allows frequent cleaning with hot steam or acidic/alkaline cleaning agents, therefore making it perfect for the food industry, as well as for medical engineering, laundry facilities or car washes. The double screening ensures high transfer reliability in applications sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Cables in the ETHERLINE® ROBUST FR configuration are available for increased flame retardance. Both ETHERLINE® ROBUST series are developed to the Profinet standard and are available for transfer categories from Cat.5 to Cat.7.

Also available are accessories for the proven EPIC® ULTRA series of rectangular connectors that are specially tailored for the requirements of the food industry. The EPIC® ULTRA protective cover is made from FDA-approved blue plastic with stainless steel locking elements that are protected against corrosion. The protective cover makes the base of the connector water proof, even if the connections are separated during the cleaning process.

No chance for fire

Another innovation is the ÖLFLEX® HEAT 125, which offers better properties in the event of a fire and therefore helps reduce the risk to human life. The cable helps minimise consequential fire damage to buildings and equipment by preventing the build-up of toxic acids. With these characteristics, the halogen-free cable can be used freely in heavily frequented areas, both in industry and public buildings. With a constant temperature resistance of up to +125°C, it is perfect for use as a power and control cable in motors, heating units and air-conditioning systems.

For areas that need top-level fire protection, Lapp presents an update to the ETHERLINE® FIRE. In applications like fire alarm systems, intercoms or security cameras in hospitals, for example, it is especially important that the cables are able to transfer important information for as long as possible, even in the event of a fire.

The new ETHERLINE® FIRE Cat.5e PH120 is the first cable on the market that retains its insulation for at least 120 minutes and ensures a data transmission rate of up to 1 Gbit/s when exposed to flames. Thanks to its double shielding, it can also perform this task in areas with high electromagnetic interference. The new cable replaces the older variant that only guaranteed insulation for 60 minutes.

Lapp has also expanded its product range in other areas. In the cable glands range, Lapp has released the SKINTOP® GRIP, a design with increased strain relief. It is primarily intended for use in machine and systems parts that are moved, such as foot switches, circular saws or push-button control units. With the EPIC® ULTRA H-A 3, Lapp has developed a compact rectangular connector for tight spaces in control cabinets, which offers excellent electromagnetic compatibility thanks to its 360-degree shielding.

d. Quick connections: ETHERLINE® PN Cat.5 RJ45 assemblies

In wiring technology too, the demand for system solutions is growing. Users do not want to waste any more time manually connecting cables and plugs, they want systems that are ready to use right away. With its range of PROFINET-compliant assemblies, Lapp is responding to this demand and is now expanding its portfolio with the ETHERLINE® PN Cat.5 RJ45 series. These extruded and factory-tested assemblies enable fast and error-free use, offering both cost savings and secure processing in industrial environments.

The twin Cat.5 cables with AWG22 cross-section boast a small cable diameter of no more than 6.8 mm, and are suited for transmission rates of up to 100 Mbit/s. The assemblies are available in three configurations for fixed installation, flexible use or drag chain applications. They also come with a diverse range of connection and link cables.

About the Lapp Group:

Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, the Lapp Group is a leading supplier of integrated solutions and branded products in the field of cable and connection technology. The Group’s portfolio includes standard and highly flexible cables, industrial connectors and screw technology, customized system solutions, automation technology and robotics solutions for the intelligent factory of the future, as well as technical accessories. The Lapp Group’s core market is in the industrial machinery and plant engineering sector. Other key markets are in the food industry as well as the energy and the mobility sector.

The Lapp Group has remained in continuous family ownership since it was founded in 1959. In the 2013/14 business year, it generated consolidated revenue of 820 million euros. Lapp currently employs approximately 3,200 people across the world, has 18 production sites and over 40 sales companies. It also works in cooperation with around 100 foreign representatives.

About Lapp India

Lapp India is a 100% subsidiary of the LAPP GROUP Germany, is a leading supplier of integrated solutions and branded products in the field of cable and connection technology. Having started its operations in 1996 with a manufacturing unit in Jigani, Bangalore Lapp India provided in 2014 about 120,000 km per year of control, instrumentation, power and data cables along with connectors, accessories and End to End Systems  to  over 3000 customers pan India spread across different industry segments such as automation, textile, automotive, machine tools, oil and gas, renewable energy , process industries, as well as in the infrastructure and building sectors.

  • 23 Sales offices close to customers all over India
  • 260+ employees committed to best serve customers
  • Strong Network of 130 + dealers
  • 2 top of the notch manufacturing units – Bangalore and Bhopal
  • State of the Art Laboratory
  • Fully fledged Technology and innovation center

In 2012, Lapp India completed phase 1 of its second manufacturing plant in Pilukedi, Bhopal which produces more than 216,000 kms of  single core cables per annum, catering mainly to the Building Cable Segment . The production area at Jigani was also doubled in 2014 and a new multi core line was commissioned in Bhopal with a total investment of over 5 Million Euros.

Lapp brands – ÖLFLEX®, UNITRONIC®, ETHERLINE®, HITRONIC®, EPIC®, SKINTOP®, SILVYN®, FLEXIMARK® – are some of the best-known in the cable technology field and have earned an outstanding reputation as premium products. All over the world, they stand for the values which Lapp and their customers consider paramount: quality, precision and reliability.

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