Bosch Rexroth India embraces future fueled byrobotics and automation to transform how we work and live


Bosch is gaining increased relevance by implementing robotics and automation solutions that augment its smart manufacturing and connected industry solutions in the country. This is strengthening the company’s objective of enabling customers to go from conventional to digital, by transforming businesses beyond mobility. With its goal to make the “Factory of the future” a reality, Bosch India is partnering with OEMs across industries, and also implementing robotics and automation solutions across its manufacturing facilities, to deploy modern solutions that are improving productivity and safety.

Industrial robots today support a wide range of tasks. For example, they are capable of independently handling monotonous or non-ergonomical tasks and they thus have the potential to make human lives simpler and more productive than today. Bosch India is actively embracing this evolution by implementing collaborative robots, IoT and machine learning across varied processes. Some of the processes that are increasingly being managed by robotics across Indian industries are:
• Pick and place
• Material handling
• Visual inspection
• Welding
• Assembling

“We are constantly looking at ways to link smart factories with virtual reality and digital solutions. India is a great market for these implementations as we have the volumes and diversity of portfolios to achieve our vision of an automated future linked with IoT. Robotics and automation are changing how we work and how we live, and there is enormous potential here to improve productivity, competitiveness, quality and safety. Bosch Rexroth India is very excited to make a lasting impact here with our solutions that can be used across Bosch facilities and in partnership with external industry players.” says Mr. Hans Bangert, MD of Bosch Rexroth.

Understanding the importance of digitization and localization for success in the Indian robotics and automation segment in the smart manufacturing space,Bosch is committed to expanding its product portfolio with localized offerings and India-first innovations to strengthen its presence in the country.Bosch will continue to accelerate this growth with its robust distribution networks, India-specific innovations, consumer centricity, and lastly, by entering new market segments where it sees potential.

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