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With necessary infrastructure and market expertise, Radius Engineering Solutions is well-placed to offer high-end technology machines. As the customers demand in terms of quality, consistency, and ease of operation goes up, Radius is geared to be in a space to give tailor-made solutions. In an interview with Powertech Review, Gurushree Prasad. K.R., Director of Radius tell us more about the company’s focus areas and future plans. Excerpts

Q. Please brief us about company’s infrastructure & achievements?

The company has a well equipped new infrastructure in Bidadi, near Bangalore, located in Karnataka government allotted industrial land with inspection facilities to manufacture state of the art machines. Apart from this the company has job shops for deep hole Drilling in various other locations in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi and Chennai.
With an experienced engineering team, Radius has all necessary infrastructure to offer high end technology machines for offering necessary automation, fixturing, data logging, interfaces required for stator coil making machines.

Q. What are the latest initiatives executed by your company in electrical space? Which are your focus areas?

Hydraulic coil spreading Machine
Hydraulic coil spreading Machine

The latest initiatives which the company has made in the coil making machines is to collaborate with the customers and develop solutions which are customer specific. As the customers demand in terms of quality, consistency, and ease of operation goes up, Radius is geared to be in a space to give such tailor made solutions. The company is making a fully automated taping Machine with closed loop tape tension control and automatic swivel head for the bobbins which is interfaced to state of the art Robot and connected to SCADA system. Also radius has made value for money Hydraulic coil stretching machine, Ring taping machines and belt conveyor taping configurations and will venture out to give such innovative solutions for its customers.

Q. What are the market opportunities for your products in India? How do you plan to position these products?

Robot Taping Machine
Robot Taping Machine

The market opportunities are great as we see a visible shift in coil repair shops as these repair shops are gearing up to be the tier1 suppliers of OEMs like Abb, Alsthom, Seimens, Cummins; etc they have no option but to invest in high end technology machines which are value for money thus putting Radius in the proper space to offer great solutions to these customers.

As conventional methods to manufacture coils are strictly prohibited by these OEMs mainly due to lack of consistency in quality, the tyre 1 suppliers are compelled to invest in high end machines for Looping, Stretching, Taping operations which has provided very good opening for Radius.

Q. What is your marketing strategy for India?

The marketing strategy is to have the promotions effectively using the electronic media, through website and B2B portals as well as to participate in exhibitions like Electrama and Cwieme… Also radius makes lots of the videos of its products available on youtube that helps in reaching out to customers across the globe.

Q. What are the key technological trends that are driving the industry?

The technology trends driving the industry is more and more of automation, higher productivity, integrated line machines, robotics, easy and quick change toolings and setup, scada and data logging etc with greater emphasis on quality, consistency and productivity.

Q. What is your vision for your company in near future?

The vision of the company in the near future is to be one of the key players in this area and have an increasing presence in all the major OEM and increase the export market share and eventually be a leader in this segment. So far we have been successful in exporting our machines to countries like South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Algeria, Columbia, Thailand etc.

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