Mastercam Retains Top Ranking Worldwide In CAM Software


According to CIMdata’s latest report, Mastercam continues to remain the number one CAM software used worldwide. CIMdata also ranked the company’s global support network as the largest in the field of CAM.

Mastercam topped the list in both the educational and industrial categories, with nearly twice as many installed seats as its nearest competitor, said Meghan West, President and CEO of CNC Software, Inc.

“The software provides access and support to shops and programmers. As a manufacturer, if you’re looking to expand, you can find experienced talent, and as a programmer, you can always find a shop that uses Mastercam.

“With more shops using it and more schools teaching the software, students are being prepared for a fluid transition to the job market with practical skills and reduced learning curve. This is a win-win situation for education and industry to contend with the skill gap and fill the glut of jobs available in manufacturing,” West said.

West also added that Mastercam’s market share in the educational market (more than the next two competitors combined) is a strong indicator of its continued leadership in the field of CAM software.

However, according to West, driving productivity and innovation in industry is still the primary aspect of Mastercam’s appeal.

CIMdata, Inc. is an independent research firm specialising in the NC industry.

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