MGM brake motors


MGM brake motors are asynchronous three-phase totally enclosed fan cooled motors. The motor brakes in the event of a power supply failure. The braking action is always obtained through a very quick and precise stop, thereby guaranteeing a safe and prompt intervention in the event of an unforeseen power supply failure.

MGM brake motors are particularly suitable for hoisting and traverse applications, tooling machinery, automatic and transfer machinery in textile, ceramic and packing fields and in every situation where precision and quickness in braking are required.

MGM brake motor main features

  • TEFC 3-ph asynchronous brake motor (0.09kW-130kW)
  • AC 3-ph brake (no rectifier) or DC brake on request
  • Oversized brake disc for higher brake torque, longer life and reduced maintenance
  • Fine and easy brake torque adjustment (as standard)
  • Very quick brake reaction time
  • Frequent START/STOP cycle applications
  • Manual brake release (as standard)
  • Hexagonal hole on non drive end of the shaft for manual rotation
  • Single speed or two speeds motors
  • All motors designed for inverter duty

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