SMC Distribution Box by EPP Composites


SMC Distribution Box is specially designed as a protective housing for fuse box, busbar chamber box and many others like this. Ideal to use both in indoors and outdoors, this type of box is made from sheet moulding compound which is weather proof and at the same time rust and shock proof.


  • Residential colony
  • Commercial place
  • Factories


  • Good Corrosion & Weather Resistance
  • High Physical and Mechanical Strength
  • High Strength to weight ratio
  • Highly Durable
  • Lower thermal conductivity and Good adaptability & dimensional stability with UV resistance and Flexibility in design
  • Light in Weight and hence easy to handle and install
  • Ease of Maintenance with Zero downtime
  • Economical & cost effective

Our FRP Gutter having a wide range of applications and sizes. with customized design

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