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Q. Give us a brief profile of Mecc Alte India Pvt Ltd?

Mecc Alte India Pvt Ltd started its commercial operations in Pune in 2010 with an initial range of 5 kVA to 70 kVA Alternators. Today, after a series of expansions, our product range covers 5 kVA to 750 kVA which we make in India and supply to the most demanding customers worldwide. We also provide Alternators from 800 kVA upto 5000 kVA which are made in Mecc Alte factories round the globe. Today we have a strong presence in the domestic market, and are the preferred & exclusive suppliers to many Indian and International brands building Gen sets in India. Rising to be amongst the top players in India within a period of just 9 years speaks volumes about the product Quality and Customer Service of Mecc Alte India as compared to the other players in the market.

Mecc Alte India Private Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Co. Mecc. Fin. Spa., Italy, the holding Company of the Mecc Alte Group worldwide. Founded in 1947 by Mr. Romano Cavaliere and Mr. Mario Carraro to manufacture Electric Motors (MECC) in village Alte, near Vicenza in Italy, the Company has now grown to have seven factories in Italy, one each in the UK, China and India, and has a Global distribution system made up of 10 Companies that supports our customers worldwide.

In 1954 Mecc Alte made the first synchronous Alternator, and since 1972, Mecc Alte has been single mindedly focusing only on design and manufacture of high quality Alternators for which it provides end-to-end solutions. While we encourage partnerships with Customers and Suppliers, we pride ourselves in being a totally Independent Company. In other words, we do not compete with our Customers, as many other Manufacturers do. We are amongst the leading manufacturers of Industrial Alternators globally, and the largest independent supplier in the world.

Q. What’s your product portfolio?

We offer a single product range – Synchronous Alternators from 1 – 5000kVA, right from portable alternators to industrial alternators and MV/HV alternators for power generation. We offer 2 pole and 4 pole alternators that provide best in class efficiencies and excel in other performance parameters as well.

Q. What are the unique design features and advantages of your alternators?

Due to superior design (both technically and aesthetically) and uncompromising quality, Mecc Alte alternators are arguably the most efficient in their respective classes, and certainly one of the most reliable alternators in the world. Mecc Alte alternators are not just technically superior and aesthetically designed, but are built to last. We have all the necessary quality certifications which further reinforces our quality credentials. We have over 60 trained and Authorised Service Centres in India alone who can fulfill any Customer Service expectation at a short notice.

Some unique features of best in class Mecc Alte Alternators are mentioned below:

  • Best Efficiency on our Range thereby reducing the fuel consumption
  • The first and the only Alternator Company in India to introduce Fully Programmable Digital Regulator which can used as an diagnostic tool for the entire LV range from 5 to 3000kVA.
  • Exceptional excitation with MAUX ( Mecc Alte Auxiliary Winding )
  • Excellent motor starting, 300% short circuit current for 20 sec as a standard.
  • 12 wire re-connectable as a standard for 3 – Phase which allows interchangeability to different voltage, frequency and phase requirements
  • Wide choice of Insulation Protection systems
  • Low Noise & superior aesthetics
  • Easy maintenance specially in higher ratings

Q. Tell us about the new products and innovations from Mecc Alte

MECC ALTE C-TYPE ALTERNATORS: It’s time to meet the next generation in power.

Mecc Alte Alternators – Special Features

Drawing on over seventy years’ experience in manufacturing the world’s class alternators, our radical new approach has led to product innovations that bring in benefits for our customers which other brands may find hard to follow. We have reconsidered every aspect and variable to create a ground-breaking new family of alternators. We have consolidated these innovations in all aspects of performance and function to create and introduce the new Mecc Alte C-Type Alternators. The C-Type Alternator Series is a family of three core products lines with six to eight models each, producing between 7.5kVA to 165kVA across the range. This truly builds on Mecc Alte’s leading design features and benefits from many years of continuous refinement.

MORE POWERFUL: C-Type alternators make the most of energy conversion to produce the maximum power to size ratio. With an increased power density they really punch above their weight.

MORE ACCESSIBLE: C-Type is easier than ever to assemble and integrate, reducing your production times. It’s a double-win for the end user and your maintenance/service team.

MORE CONFIGURABLE: Maximum power from the smallest, lightest and strongest alternators and our designers has lavished the C-Type with much more flexibility for adjusting power settings on the fly. The result is outstanding performance and practicality from the most easily adjustable and maintainable family of alternators on the market.

MAVR – The Next Generation Digital Voltage Regulator

Mecc Alte has been the pioneers and leaders in Digital Regulators over the last 15 years. For us, a Digital AVR is not an extra but a standard feature. This Mecc Alte AVR not only serves the purpose of controlling, monitoring, fine parameterization of the Alternator output but also offers advantage of diagnostic capabilities viz Alarm Memory storage of the fault events. All these digital features and parameters have been further enhanced in our new innovative ‘NEXT GENERATION AVR – MAVR”, with many added advantages that bring in more flexibility and smarter controls:

  • Self-stability setting by adaptive and/or auto tuning algorithms
  • Single and three phase sensing .
  • CAN Bus J1939 communication protocol.
  • External E2PROM (calibrations, settings and alarm LOG)
  • Standard C.T. input
  • Dynamic response adjustable by trimmer (STAB)
  • Improved control robustness.
  • USB communication embedded & Up to 118 digital settings (parameters)
  • 4 Models: MAVR2 (Basic), MAVR3 (Enhanced) MAVRHD (Enhanced HD), MAVRHD+ (Advanced).

New communication board with WiFi enabled to set the AVR by means of mobile phone app or Windows software.

Q. What’s the common thread in infusing quality in all your products?

Mecc Alte follows a no compromise approach on product quality. The design guidelines are followed strictly at all manufacturing locations. As a result, we consistently get the same world class quality at all our factories.

Q. Is maintenance crucial in your kind of products?

Mecc Alte alternator parts are easily accessible for maintenance engineers and hence known to be user friendly. Special features like Mecc Alte Digital AVR (automatic voltage regulator) facilitates easy diagnosis of defect in case of failure. The products are robust by design and they can perform under extreme conditions of high humidity, subzero temperatures and highly dusty and corrosive environments. Our alternators are capable of very high starting currents for longer durations. Mecc Alte also provides global after sales support to its customers.

Q. Who are your major customers?

Mecc Alte alternators are used almost by every leading Genset manufacturer. Our products are used in almost all applications such as Industrial prime and standby power, Marine, Telecom, Railways, Agriculture, Hydro, Aviation, Defence, Lighting Towers, Data Centers, Mobile Power (portable) etc. Our global customers include names like Pramac, JCB, Kohler, Greaves, Himoinsa, Doosan, Escorts etc.

Q. What are your growth plans?

Over the years, our customers have become more and more demanding both in terms of performance and product features. With the changes in the Pollution norms, it is only natural that the Gensets also conform to the new standards of fuel efficiency. As a consequence the alternators also must adhere to the highest efficiency standards. Mecc Alte range of current and upcoming alternators is as future ready as you thought and fulfill the most stringent customer criteria. Going forward too, our quest for innovation and continuous improvements shall continue which will help us consistently deliver cutting edge products that help our customers get the best value for their investment.
Mecc Alte will soon introduce value added accessories in the field of Genset electricals: Genset Controller, Engine Controller and Battery Chargers. This will provide to our customers a single window service for all products related to alternators.

Our focus on core product quality than sheer numbers shall continue to delight our customers who insist on Mecc Alte alternators (and not just any product) inside their Genset. With Mecc Alte strongly entering the High Horse Power (HHP) segment in India, our valued customers need not wait any more and can now be assured of the same impeccable product quality across the HHP Genset range also.

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