Siemens India has a clear road map for digitalization


Q. What are the milestones your company has achieved till date in manufacturing of LV Motors in India?

Siemens has been an industrial leader and a pioneer in the manufacturing of LV Motors in India. The Siemens Kalwa Motor factory started its operations with low-voltage motors way back in 1966 and today it is a benchmark for diverse portfolio and technology for manufacturing of motors in India. The motors from our Kalwa factory have not only been recognized by globally accredited bodies like SEAD as the most energy-efficient products, but have also proven to be the first choice for our customers. They have helped our customers achieve faster returns on their investments and have contributed towards building a sustainable future. Today one of two energy efficient motors sold in the Indian market is made by Siemens.

The following are few of the technical and manufacturing highlights for LV Motors

  • First to manufacture motors with parallel cooling fin design motors
  • First to manufacture dual cooling circuit motors for higher power density.
  • First to offer motors in frames 250 – 355 in only eff1 class (under IS 12615-2004)
  • First to launch an indigenous range of IE2 and IE3 efficiency class motors
  • Launched a new platform concept of motor series 1LE7 which is based out of the state-of-the-art global 1LE1 motor platform
  • Advance Motor Testing Centre developed with 8 fully-automated test benches capable of testing Motors in the wide range of 120 W to 3000 kW. The first lab in India to be accredited by NABL.
  • Leading the Digitalization revolution – Development of digitally enhanced motors with integrated smart device to enhance customer experience and performance.

Q. What product technology in LV Motors do you represent?

We offer the best in class ‘Induction Motor Technology’ for the industry. Siemens was the first manufacturer in India to introduce the complete range of IE2 and IE3 motors.

Indian customers’ expectation on specification is the most stringent in the world in terms of temperature, ambient and starting current. Siemens in India has developed R&D set up to meet demanding customer needs which have to be validated by Advanced Testing Methods.

Over the last 50 years, Siemens has a state of the art facility at Kalwa manufacturing a diverse portfolio with leading technological innovations.

We also take great pride in the Advanced Motor Testing Centre in Kalwa. The AMTC is a state-of-the art facility spread over 2500 sq. meters at the Siemens Kalwa plant. The 8 test benches are equipped with precise instruments that eliminate the need for manual intervention. The fully automated data collection, accurate measurements and exact calculations allow accredited, repeatable results common with worldwide Siemens test fields. The AMTC meets the international standard ISO/EIC 17025:2005 ‘General Requirements of the Testing and Calibration Laboratories’.

Q. What is the future of your products in India?

We would like to offer products based on ‘Global Excellence and Indigenous Endurance’. Siemens offers complete range of super premium efficient and state-of-the-art Motor Technology to the industry.

We firmly believe that SIMOTICS 1LE7 range of motors will prove to be a reliable and efficient innovation which will boost the performance of energy intensive industries like cement, metals, mining, power, textiles, pulp and paper to achieve significant reduction in energy consumption and thus reduce costs of operation and their carbon footprint. Motors have a significant importance in the respective industry they operate in. Therefore savings in energy consumption and innovation in R&D plays a pivotal part in designing products. Our global expertise too has played a huge part in the success and helped us attain the leadership position in the said space.

Q. What is your vision for forthcoming years?

Siemens in India has established itself in Electrification, Automation and has a clear road map for Digitalization.

Motors are among the most important elements in electrification in plants and Smart Motors are the way to the future. Data from the smart motor will enable the plants to have monitoring and analysis that would increase the overall plant reliability, productivity and performance.

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