Socomec launches new power metering & monitoring device for data Center


SOCOMEC has launched the DIRIS Digiware S,a new measurement and monitoring solution (in addition to existing version for AC installations), oriented for the Datacenter, Industry and commercial space. DIRIS Digiware has upgraded its functionalities while retaining the flexibility that has been the hallmark of the system in the past, together with ease of connection and configuration.

DIRIS Digiware as a complete solution is equipped with 3 new features in conjunction with current sensor to simplify its use,

  • Virtual Monitor: for remote, real-time access to the status of protective devices throughout the installation, without additional hardware or wiring.
  • PreciSense: ensures accurate measurements across the entire chain for timely and appropriate corrective action
  • AutoCorrect: provides automatic wiring check and correction of connection errors (function available off load).

Socomec, known for its innovation, developed an innovative module specially designed for data centre which helps in Power Metering and Monitoring with 3 integrated current sensors enabling the measurement of one three-phase or three single-phase circuits up to 63 A.

New DIRIS Digiware S module

The Digiware S module is a measurement unit with 3 integrated current sensors for monitoring a three-phase circuit or 3 single-phase circuits up to 63 A

 Positioned directly above or below the protective devices, they are associated with the DIRIS Digiware U voltage measurement module to measure consumption, and to monitor the electrical installation and the quality of the power supply.

 It provides high level of accuracy with inherent reliability & high-performance monitoring of the electrical parameters in one highly compact unit (50% space saving). With its quick, no-fuss installation, the module allows immediate access to measurements and monitoring of the entire electrical panel, whether new or retro-fit.

 We have 3 unique modules with integrated sensors for different applications, 

DIRIS Digiware S S-130 S-135 S-Datacenter
Application Metering Analysis Monitoring


Functional Diagram


The DIRIS Digiware S measurement module can be mounted upstream or downstream of the protective device solving issues of space constraints

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Sushil Virmani, Managing Director, Socomec Innovative Power Solutions said, “Growing energy efficiency needs of critical building infrastructure necessitated an evolving research oriented mind-set, focussed on product innovation and user friendliness that is precisely what Diris Digiware range of energy metering and monitoring devices is all about. Now, with Digiware S range, Socomec has once again proved its prowess in power monitoring space with innovative design that offers our demanding customers a high level of accuracy with inherent reliability, simplified usage and enhanced aesthetics with emphasis on optimised device footprint”.



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