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Features of Ground Ballscrews with Rotary Nut- FSWT Series

  • Our high slenderness ratio ballscrew can be used at high feed speed without causing inertia.
  • In the past with long ballscrew assemblies, the nuts couldn’t react immediately. A rotary nut can have a high feed speed with high lead and still achieve accuracy.
  • The design of the screw shaft journal can be simpli¬ed because it does not need support bearings.
  • Roller thrust bearings must be installed on rotary nuts because the support bearing is larger than the regular bearing, therefore the rigidity in the shaft direction has been increased.
  • It is possible to lubricate the ballscrew and the bearing installed on rotary nuts at the same time.
  • Lubrication for rotary nuts is complicated since rotating unions are necessary to feed lubricant directly into the nut, and centrifugal forces push all lubricant away from the balls and groove.
  • The design of the nuts end face can be directly secured by the use of the timing pulley.


  • Gantry Type Machining Center/ Bridge Type Machining Center/ Double Column Surface Grinder.
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