Battery Powered Rig To Combat Emissions


As the evolution of technologies and construction innovations continue to meet our needs; companies are constantly striving to improve their products and services. Industry front runner, Liebherr, has recently revealed that it will be launching the world’s first battery powered drilling rig which could make huge changes within the construction industry. The ‘LB 16 unplugged’ has been designed and manufactured to offer increased efficiency and maximum performance causing no local emissions unlike conventional diesel powered drilling rigs.

LB 16 Unplugged Performance Specifications

Set to revolutionise the drilling rig industry; the Liebherr LB 16 Unplugged is said to be an improved version of its conventional alternative, offering the same power and performance, with improved comfort, design and safety features. Here are the specifications:

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  • Long-lasting, Fast-Charged Battery – the battery for the Liebherr LB 16 Unplugged can be fully charged in as little as 7 hours. It is also designed to last for 10 hours at a time.
  • Incredible Performance – the LB 16 unplugged’s electric engine has a system performance of 265kw which is the same as the conventional version; however this machine is less restrictive therefore offering increased flexibility.
  • Extreme Power – although this machine is battery powered, it still boasts extreme strength and can achieve a maximum drilling diameter of 1,500 mm and drilling depths of 34.5 m.
  • Increased Comfort – the LB 16 unplugged offers optimal operator comfort and a new cabin concept for a sleek, elegant appearance. It has a specially designed orthopaedic operator’s seat with an integrated heating and cooling system. The air-conditioning system also provides reduced noise protection, optimised field of vision and improved airflow.
  • Improved Safety Features – this innovative machine features a state-of-the-art ground pressure visualisation system that calculates the current ground pressure of the machine in real time, and compares it with the safety limits of the relevant position.

9 Benefits of a Battery Powered Drilling Rig

Battery powered alternatives in general, can be a lot more cost-effective whilst also having a less negative impact on the environment with electric cars for example, becoming increasingly popular. They use fewer resources without compromising on quality or performance. With our current economic crisis at its peak, many companies are trying their best to reduce their contributions towards pollution and environmental damage through improving their services and products. Liebherr have claimed that their impressive new invention will consist of the best combination of ‘customer benefits, eco-friendliness as well as achieving new fields of application’.

Some benefits of a battery powered drilling rig include:

  • High power – power and performance is not compromised with a battery powered drilling rig, the LB 16 unplugged in fact, offers the same strength and ability as a diesel powered alternative.
  • Produces zero emission – there is no local emission produced when a battery powered drilling rig is used, meaning there is less harm to the environment.
  • Efficient – minimum effort is required to operate the LB 16 unplugged, allowing for enhanced productivity.
  • Easier application – the device is simpler to use but just as effective as a diesel-powered alternative.
  • Eco-friendly – fewer resources are required meaning there is less waste and energy used as a result.
  • Electro-hydraulic drive – this allows for maximum control and sturdiness as well as high power density.
  • Improved safety features – advanced technology has been implemented into the world’s first battery powered drilling device to ensure safety is paramount for all operators.
  • Reduced noise – less noise is produced with a battery powered machine making them perfect for completing projects in urban areas or places with strict noise laws.

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