Digital plant gateway


You can only optimize what you measure – that is the motto behind the design of WAGO’s Digital Plant Gateway for infrastructure automation.

Sensors record production data from the system and transmit it to the WAGO gateway, which processes it and provides it to the IT network or the cloud for analysis and process optimization. It based on the WAGO I/O System, ensuring that it can process the various field signals from different industrial sectors. About 500 different I/O modules are currently available. The gateways are also equipped with multi-communication lines, which communicate with the higher-level systems and cloud architectures with up to four lines functioning in parallel.

Production Monitoring

Significant savings and production quality improvements are possible, but only if you have transparency about your systems. With a scalable modular system from WAGO, an intelligent monitoring system can be inexpensively retrofitted to a system and tailored to the customer’s needs. This allows digitization of existing systems in brownfield projects. Data on production quantities, rejects, idle times and maintenance times is collected quickly and made available on the network through open IT interfaces.

Error messages can also be passed directly to a built-in HTML5 visualization using any Internet browser and sent as SMS or email notifications. The operator can then quickly access the system remotely in the event of problems.

Digitization of Critical Assets

Pumps play a special role in industry – they are found in every kind of production, regardless of the specific sector. In many processes, pumps are the driving force behind production flows and must be constantly monitored.

Intelligent pump monitoring is the foundation of condition-based maintenance and opens the door to significant potential savings while ensuring system availability. Pumps in brownfield projects can also be digitized using WAGO’s pre-assembled starter distribution boxes for protection class IP54. Data for preventive diagnostics, analysis and process optimization is processed and prepared directly in the gateway for remote use. System-specific functions are modified in the e!COCKPIT development environment and visualized in HTML5.

Digital plant gateway wago

Laboratory Automation

Even if laboratories are not the core of most processes, their importance within the process chain has steadily increased in recent years. Markets are demanding greater and greater customization of products, which R&D departments have to develop. Quality assurance and documentation requirements are also increasing the levels of automation and digitization in laboratories. Technical laboratory monitoring and intelligent asset management are the key terms in this context.

Different user groups need targeted access to specific laboratory information via the network, and measurement data needs to be integrated directly into the documentation of a data logger. Together, these elements allow new product launches to move quickly without sacrificing quality. WAGO’s Multi Channel Process System (MCPS), a PC-based data acquisition software solution, handles these measurement and evaluation tasks, with no programming necessary – only software configuration.

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