Efficiency and power density redefined


Miniature motors that save, improve and enhance lives

Anil Alex, Portescap, Associate Director Sales & BD India & ANZ

Since the advent of civilization, the art of motion has been a critical part of human life in the quest to save, improve, and enhance lives. With advances in technology, motors are playing a very important part in our day to day lives, at times very subtly without our knowledge. Technology has helped improve motor power density and has enabled usage
in various applications that once used pneumatic controls. Portescap has been helping customers around the world develop motion applications in both medical and industrial markets to provide the best power density, efficiency and reduced envelope to customers by lowering the overall cost of ownership.

As an example, medical surgical handtools need to withstand harsh environments – autoclave, saline, and dish wash with expectations to improve patient outcomes. Portescap offers best in class sterilizable geared motors along with autoclavable controllers. These products fit the handtool envelope, make it lighter to reduce operator fatigue, improve battery life and at the same time provide needed power required by surgeons to complete a joint replacement or trauma surgery in the fastest time possible (save lives). Many factors go into making a surgery successful. Foremost is the surgeon aided with tools that are reliable, powerful and consistent in the OT to complete the procedure. Portescap with its rich application expertise in arthroscopic, ENT, neuro/spine, laparoscopic, ophthalmic, cardiothoracic, orthopedic drills/saws/reamers and skin-grafting solutions provides the right miniature motion solutions that have withstood the test of time.

In emerging countries like India & China, we are seeing a renewed interest in cutting edge applications that require a solutions approach. Be it medical surgical hand tools, infusions system, injectors, pipettes, medical imaging/x-rays, exoskeletons, ventilators/ respirators, robotics, aerospace and defense, factory automation, security & access, pruning shears and total stations, Portescap has ready products and solutions that can be further customized to meet specific customer needs.

Why work with Portescap? What value can Portescap deliver?
Outstanding quality (lot to lot), customization with the lowest cost of ownership, facility in India that has co-located engineering, quality, product management, purchasing and manufacturing functions. With Brush DC, Brushless DC, Stepper, Gearheads, Encoders and drive/controllers under its portfolio of offerings, one need not look further for miniature solutions.


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