New Generation Technology Portable Digital Hardness Tester – ITI-130


Fully Automatic
Flexible, Rigid And Rapid The Most Ability
The Least Restriction
Monolith, Yellow Parts


This device is built after two decades research and experience and disappears more limitations of conventional leeb devices and has developed portable hardness tester power range . This device has new ability by electromagnetic shooting and infrared velocity measurement and eliminates mechanical parts.


  • Hardness testing of raw material
  • Hardness testing of heavy and light pieces
  • Hardness testing of metal pipes and CNG tanks N.D.T Testing
  • Hardness testing of welding joints
  • Hardness testing at production process
  • Hardness testing of building structures and fuel pipes


  • Hardness test without complex setting
  • Capability of testing more Alloys
  • Showing hardness result on HLD-HRC-HRB-HB-HV-HSC
  • Memory for 3000(approx.)test and USB port trancferring
  • Calibration by standard block and user
  • Softwere user calibration
  • Small and light weight with Poly Carbonate rigid case

Technical Specification:

Measuring Direction : 360°
Display : LCD
Data Memory: 500 Readings Approx.
Battery Pack : 800^ 1600 mAH Li-ion 3.7V
Battery Charger : USB type
Continuous working period : 3000-4000
Test Approx.
Communication Interface: USB1


  • Standard reference block
  • Battery charger
  • convex and concave Heads and cleaning brush Hand bag
  • Manuals
  • Equation table (ASTM – A956 )
  • Software CD
  • Calibration Certificate

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