Optimised design for asynchronous IE3 engines


The design of its proven IE3 asynchronous engines has been optimized by NORD. The maintenance model refers to various specifics that further improve the function, installation and operation of electric motors.

The facelift of the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS IE3 asynchronous motors does not require improvements in electrical details and exterior measurements. For NORD IE3 generators, they can be used conveniently without alteration in any current application.The optimised cooling fin shape, an assembly-optimised fan and a new modern fan cowl enable a better heat dissipation and assembly.

The fan cowl can be simply assembled in case a motor mounted frequency inverter is used. The new cooling fins design enables an unhindered airflow around the terminal box. The revised terminal box is without sharp edges and corners and has reinforced feet for a better motor stability. Another important detail is the optimised incremental encoder mounting.

Due to the fan cowl, the encoder is fully shock-resistant and not within the airflow, which further improves the cooling power. Because of a plug-on tube, retrofit installation is also feasible.


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been developing, manufacturing and selling drive technology for over 50 years with more than 4,000 employees and is one of the industry’s leading global full-service providers. NORD provides application-specific concepts and solutions for specific requirements such as energy-saving drives or explosion-protected systems in addition to standard drives.

The extensive network of sales and service ensures optimum availability, allowing for short delivery times and customer-oriented service. NORD provides a wide range of torque drives from 10 Nm to over 250 kNm, supplies electric motors with power ranges from 0.12 kW to 1,000 kW and supplies the required power electronics with frequency inverters up to 160 kW. Inverter solutions are available for conventional control cabinet installations as well as for decentralised, fully-integrated drive units.


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