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Testo AG is a world leader in design, development and manufacturing of portable electronic test and measuring instruments. Backed by more than 56 years of measurement engineering experience, Testo as a group, headquartered in Lenzkrich in the Black Forest region of Germany, has more than 2450 employees, 30 subsidiaries and more than 80 representatives worldwide. Testo has become a major supplier for HVAC industries, refrigeration, airflow and environmental monitoring instruments for markets as diverse as HVAC, chemical, food and beverages, pharmaceutical and biotech, automotive, cement and steel among others.

Looking at the market potential in India, Testo India Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2006 as a 100% subsidiary of Testo AG. Testo India established its presence in India by having its head office set up at Pune and having its representatives spread across all major cities in the country. Testo India has shown phenomenal growth over the last eight years. It now also has an extensive channel partners’ network spanning across the country to reach out to the customers in every corner. Testo India’s head office in Pune also boosts of a state-of-the-art calibration & service laboratory. The measuring instruments can be calibrated & serviced locally maintaining international standards.

Today, Testo India has established a firm foot in the indian markets as it is committed to providing best services to its customers, not only in India but also in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Today, Testo is a preferred brand when it comes to any measurement technology in the industry. It has established itself as a reliable and high quality assuring measurement technology.

Testo India Office

Testo India offers an extensive product range that includes:

  • Portable Measuring Instruments & Systems for: Temperature, Humidity, Dew point, Pressure, Air velocity, RPM, Sound and Light
  • Compressed Air Solutions like Compressed Air Flow Meters for checking compressed air consumption and Dew Point Transmitters for ensuring dry air
  • Data Loggers and Wireless Data Monitoring System
  • Portable Flue Gas Analyzers for Combustion and Emission Analysis
  • Thermal Imagers for Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

At Testo, it exactlys understands the customer requirements. Its central task is to pay constant attention to new technology and therefore its highest priority is innovation.

Testo has always placed immense importance on its R & D activities. A substantial portion of budget allocation year after year is its testimony. Testo invests roughly 10 % of its turnover in R&D. Staff from different disciplines continuously conducts applied research in sensor and measurement technology. Testo maintains international co-operation with research institutes, universities and committees which are concerned with innovative measurement technology in various fields. At Testo, it recognizes its customer requirements and translates them permanently into new technologies. It successfully launches several new products every year. It also releases upgrades on existing products. One such path breaking new product launch was that of a thermal imager testo 870 developed for mass adoption of thermography. With this entry level thermal imager, testo offered thermal Imaging with features that cannot get better in the given price range. It brought best-in-class thermal imaging within the reach of small time buyers also. Not only new products, but product upgrades are also rolled out such as patented Testo SuperResolution Technology.

Newly launched testo 870 Thermal Imager

This is only a firmware upgrade that actually makes your Testo Thermal Imager give four times more pixels. A camera with infrared resolution 160 X 120 pixels becomes 320 X 240 pixels. Strong R&D and German engineering is the backbone of Testo products and it explains Testo’s undisputed leadership in measurement technology worldwide. It has just recently introduced an entirely new series of data loggers that are specifically meant for transport conditions monitoring – be it critical pharma shipments, cold chain transportation of food products, or any logistics. These are “plug & Play” next-generation data loggers which can be intuitively operated with just a start & stop button. They are packed with brilliant features and technology that is simply incredible. Just plug in any USB cable to the computer and the data can be accessed. No software installation is required. What’s more – data loggers can be read out on site also with an NFC-capable Android smartphone!

Measurement technology is penetrating deeper into varied industries. Testo has such a wide range of measuring instruments with varied applications that its measurement technology has touched every other sector – be it food & beverages, pharma, steel & cement, HVAC, automobile or any other processing & manufacturing industry. Testo’s measurement solutions are successfully deployed across industry segments.

Today Testo data loggers and wireless monitoring system – Testo Saveris are being used in many pharma plants & cleanrooms for climate monitoring. High energy plants such as cement, steel and power find Testo Flue Gas Analyzers as an inevitable solution for emission monitoring and complying to pollution control board norms. Any maintenance department – be it electrical or mechanical finds extensive applications of Testo Thermal Imagers for predictive & preventive maintenance.

Newly Launched testo 184 – Data Loggers for Transport

Testo ensures that the HVAC contractors or facility managers are equipped with the best-in-class measurement technology with all rounder multi-parameter measuring instruments, refrigeration manifolds, leak detectors and so on. With more industry standards and compliance norms in place, we see an increase in the need of test and measuring instruments. Industry, today, is more willing to invest in measurement technology as it is moving towards quality. It is now more focused on optimizing its processes effectively, using its resources and turning savings into profits. The revolution of safer and more quality processes across different industry verticals will receive further impetus in the coming years. At the same time, instruments helping in energy conservation will soon become need of the hour.

Simpler & reliable technology, easy to operate, convenient to use, robust, error-free and minimum human intervention are some of the key technology trends customers can look out for in future. Availability of software and other aids make analysis part of measurement simpler and error-free too. There is no doubt that every new product that gets introduced by Testo has some remarkable features to look out for. The test & measurement technology is just getting incredibly smarter with Testo !

Web: www.testo.in

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