UPS For DC Systems


An substandard power grid coupled with the increasing use of sensitive electronics have led to rising downtimes. There is a competitive advantage to be had when the production process runs smoothly even when the grid quality is poor. Hence, special attention should be paid to power supply, which is at the core of any installation. In this way, unexpected costs due to voltage drops can be avoided

 Voltage interruptions affect the production process: they lead to loss of data as well as a breakdown of the control system, resulting in expensive damage to equipment and the product when a machine restarts automatically. Even short downtimes can lead to high costs. In such cases, investment in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) pays off in a very short time.

Plant operators all over the world are faced with unstable grids that necessitate the use of power supplies with a high failure bridging time, buffer modules or uninterruptible power supplies According to breakdown statistics, breakdowns in the medium voltage grids are due to the following reasons -weather conditions, short circuits, line interruptions or technical failures. Almost half of these breakdowns led to interruptions in power supply.

DC UPS- Plays a significant role in increasing plant & system availability

Phoenix Contact offers a complete product concept for a more reliable power supply: all power supplies of its Step, Mini and Quint models offer a power failure bridging time of more than 20 ms under full load. The Quint DC-UPS provides long buffer times along with VRLA, LI-ION and CAP Power storage batteries. They are especially suitable for an uninterrupted supply to control units, machines and systems with high downtime costs or those where the downtime could damage expensive products and equipment.

The new generation device from Phoenix Contact is now equipped with the IQ technology. It provides the necessary information to ensure the stability of the supply at any time with optimum utilization of the battery. In all currently available solutions in the market, there is always one point unknown: Sufficient information of the Energy storage.

IQ Technology provides information on charge status and life expectancy

The intelligent Quint UPS-IQ determines all relevant states of the battery. It offers the indispensable transparency to guarantee the stability of the supply at any time and with optimum utilization of the battery. You can easily set the parameters thru UPS CONF Software in your PC. The intelligent battery management knows the current state of charge of the battery connected and calculates the available remaining time. Accordingly, supply sufficient power to other connected equipment and Industrial PC. The time required for shutdown of the PC is set thru software and an early shutdown of industrial PCs can be avoided.

The remaining life expectancy of the battery is known. This allows servicing to be planned. If the battery is replaced at the ideal time, costs are also avoided that would occur by replacing the battery too early or after failure.

Minimum downtimes offer a definite competitive advantage. Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive product range for a reliable power supply that enables individual solutions for a smooth production process.

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