Volter : Own electricity from wood

Our customers can increase their energy independence and even develop a new business from renewable energy sales.


Volter is a Finnish manufacturer of high quality, small-scale wood fueled combined heat and power plants, CHPs. With our product, Volter 40 CHP, our customers around the world can produce own, renewable heat and electricity, all year round, regardless of the weather conditions. Our customers can increase their energy independence and even develop a new business from renewable energy sales. With our solution, our customers can support the local economy by using local biomass for fuel and bringing thereby jobs to communities.

Pioneers in the wood gasification technology
We are innovators and pioneers in the development of wood gasification technology. The gasifier of Volter 40 CHP super heats the wood chips into wood gas, which works as a fuel for the internal combustion engine, which runs the generator and produces electricity. The process also generates heat that our customers use for different heating and drying purposes.

Volter 40 CHP is modularly scalable. Electrical output for one Volter 40 CHP is 40kW and thermal output is 100kW. For example, ten CHPs form a Volt Factory, with 400 kW electricity and 1 MW thermal output.
High quality, state of the art technology and local support system guarantee long running hours and energy security for our customers. Compact design, simple installation and advanced automation give extra comfort for producing own, renewable energy.

Volter : Own electricity from wood

Forerunner of IoT solutions
Volter 40 CHP comes with an advanced remote control system that gives our customers more freedom for using their CHP. Controlling and monitoring the CHP can be done through a secured internet connection, with their computer, tablet and mobile phone.

We also provide our customers Volter Space, which is a cloud service that boosts data logging and monitoring features for Volter 40 CHP. It gives our customers a clear and easy overview of the CHP’s status and key values of the process, for example information on power output, produced energy, running hours, utilisation rates, tracking shutdowns and service reporting.

“Our mission is to replace oil with wood by making own electricity and heat production possible by using local renewable fuel. With our technology, our customers can produce energy whenever it is needed, regardless if the sun is shining or the wind is blowing.There are more than one billion people in the world completely without electricity, so there definitely is a need for the technology that Volter provides.” Jarno Haapakoski, CEO, Volter Ltd.

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Website: www.volter.fi

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