Connecting operations through e-F@ctory and state-of-the art LVS solutions for strong automation in Power Sector


In today’s modern world, power dominates every single sector and strong automation in the power sector is imperative. Automation and control in the power generation industry addresses the physical constraints of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution.

The need of the hour for the power sector is a system that should be reliable, energy efficient and an integrated solution. Considering that the power sector in most countries is undergoing critical changes, there is an increased focus on this domain. Especially in India, the markets are slowly beginning to feel the stimulus for instrumentation, control and automation techniques thus ensuring that the industries have the right mix of technologies that can beget growth opportunities. Choosing the right automation combinations provides the facility to integrate the Power generation and transmission processes with business systems.

Companies like Mitsubishi Electric have come up with some cutting-edge concepts that have the capacity to drive automation in the power sector. e-F@ctory is a connected digital enterprise solution that is the answer to the increasing digital transformation affecting businesses. The company offers its customers aid in further developing their overall business approach by offering advice on industrial automation and information technology. e-F@ctory provides a flexible framework which recognises the unique needs of Industry and supports them through high-speed connectivity, reliable data and precise control – all deployed using tailored, robust and proven Factory Automation technologies.  e-F@ctory promises increased flexibility, enhanced productivity and improved predictability. It makes full use of leading-edge control technologies, information technologies and networking technologies to ‘visualize’ operations information, including quantitative and qualitative operations data and equipment information. It links production equipment to the higher operations execution systems to allow operations information to be incorporated into operational plans and be utilized to ensure quality traceability. Basically, the e-F@ctory platform substantially improves quality, work schedules and productivity by having significant vertical data integration from shop-floor to enterprise. This platform also scales extremely well and can be used for monitoring, operation and maintenance of a single equipment instance, fulfilling the same function for a distributed network of machines and equipment, but also for production assets of several lines, factories or sites, that can be considered to be a ‘production cloud’.

Another need of the Day solution that the company offers is its Highly Reliable and Proven Smart Power Distribution and Energy Monitoring Products and Solutions. Namely LV Switchgear (ACB, MCCB), Control Gear (Magnetic Contactors, MPCBs, OLR, EOCR, Solid State Contactors etc), Energy Metering Products (Multi-Function Meters, Energy Monitoring Servers,  Eco Monitor Light, Eco Monitor Plus etc) and Final Distribution Products such as MCB, RCCB, Isolators and Distributions Boards. Traditionally, Mitsubishi Electric has been active in the LVS market since 1933. Ever since the company developed and manufactured the first Circuit breakers, it has been committed to research and development in this field making it one of the world’s leading manufacturers of circuit breakers.

Mitsubishi Electric’s LVS products offer s differentiating features that make these Products Safe, reliable, efficient and are green in line with latest environmental guidelines. With Superb technical characteristics and variants suiting to different applications, Mitsubishi Electric has products to offer for every customer segment. While they comply with international norms and standards, the LVS products are also certified suitable for marine application.

The company’s extensive range of Switchgear and Energy Monitoring Products and solutions allow measuring of data transmitting it through the highly reliable and fast CC-Link industrial Ethernet network. This enables energy management through visualization which leads to energy saving. The products are also customer-friendly because of their functionality and compatibility. Mitsubishi Electric is very popular in Automotive Industry as the most reliable Solution Provider in the field of Automation, Electrical Distribution, Controls and Energy Monitoring and many other Industries have also experienced the benefit of these solutions

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