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Vikram Bhansali, Director, Metravi Instruments Pvt. Ltd
Vikram Bhansali, Director,
Metravi Instruments Pvt. Ltd

Metravi offers a complete bouquet of hi-tech, reliable, quality instruments – your one stop shop for any test and measurement need. Innovation is our forte and we also combine instrumentation needs into product packages, so that Engineers can carry and use single instruments instead of multiple. Metravi is dedicated to offer feature-driven instrumentation of highest quality yet within reach of every strata of users. From users of day-to-day products to that of hi-tech professional ones, we provide instruments with state-of-the-art technology, highest accuracy and repeatability but at very cost-effective pricing.

We back our product offerings with fast deliveries, efficient repair times and quick and robust after-sales assistance for application & usage support including training. We share product unpacking and usage videos along with offering on call explanations as well as hands-on / onsite training as add on services. For low cost instruments, we keep the assembled and calibrated PCBs in ready stock. As soon as we receive any instruments for servicing, we check the issues and if it requires a lot of chip level work, we replace the assembled PCB with a fresh one, thus effectively providing the customer a new instrument, albeit in the same housing. For high cost instruments, we keep most of the components, firmware and software required for repairs in ready stock too, so that the turnaround time is most efficient.

We have been handling the following issues as regards TMI and we resolve to do so more productively in the coming year:

  • Often customers are unaware as well as unsure about which instrument or specification would serve their measurement needs – we provide consultation and advice as per measurement or industry needs before offering them any product from our range.
  • Most of the users are oblivious that certain instruments are already available for their specific needs – we are now trying to educate and propagate our offerings and solutions that we offer for every measurement need.
  • Mostly users are unaware when they hear that such hi-quality and reliable innovative instruments are available at such realistic pricing, since they have only been used to American brands selling at three times our prices.

Our main VISION for 2020 is to introduce an industrial/professional series under the Metravi brand – the METRVAI PRO range – water and dust proof, to be used in rugged environments. Some of the products would be intrinsically safe. Range would include products with OLED displays, unheard of in instrumentation as yet. Products under this range will carry a 48 hours replacement warranty. Online orders are accepted on our website as well as social & popular e-commerce portals. Directly, the products can be obtained from our Kolkata office as well as our strong and dependable Dealer Network all over the country.

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